pumpkin patch!

we went over to Westham Island in Ladner today.  SO THANKFUL FOR SUCH A PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL DAY!

Moses sleeping is still off and on.  we are so exhausted these days that when he wakes up 3-5am and runs over to our room we just let him come in.  i certainly can no longer sleep on the floor with him and kev has been taking over so much more housework that he is seemingly suffering from an equivalent of PREGO BRAIN, so he hasn't been in the best of shape lately and understandably does not take Moses back to his room either.  he still plays around quite a bit when we put him for his afternoon nap.  usually anywhere form 45 to and hour still.  i hate it because it totally isn't the same Moses from days of yore, but i keep telling myself at least he isn't freaking out and screaming bloody murder anymore. counting my blessings.

Black Sheep
We picked up a Radio Flyer tricycle from the thrift store a few months back for a nice $3-4 and kev has been slowly working on it in between kitchen reno's and at work on his lunch breaks.  he is over at his parents' right now doing last minute tweaks and pinstriping some details including the name BLACK SHEEP.  so excited!  as Moses is obsessed with everything that has wheels, he's pretty stoked about this.

speaking of which, we took him to Toys-R-Us the other evening for the "first time".  i'm sure we've taken him before but probably pre-walking times.  now that he is older he basically lost his mind when we let him run free.  he was so overwhelmed he kept grabbing one toy and then chucking it for another or else gathering 3-4 things in his little arms hahahaha.  for the time being it is adorable.  he went crazy over all the trains/trainsets.  he carried a box half his size to kevin and then signed PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!, we were dying it was so awesome.  he was beside himself.

after months of bad planning and busy summers we finally got to meet up with Soleil last night!  she is such a little darling.  i'm so happy so many of my mama friends have girls because it does help get me excited for Chloe.  i was beyond shocked when we arrived.  i knew Moses was tall for his age and i was quite surprised to see the difference between him and Hanna the other week, but Hanna must be tall for her age too bc Moses was towering over sweet Soleil!  according to Jade, Soleil is across the board average which really put things into perspective for me.  basically i have a monster baby LOL.    Jade was so kind to give Mr Shaggy Mo a haircut and did a phenomenal job!  he looks super super handsome :)  wish i had brought my camera to take photos but it was a last minute visit...   I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW FAST THEY ARE GROWING!!!!


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