sunny days


today has been great and it's only 330pm!
i felt good this morning... Mo woke up at 430am and slept with us (boo), but woke up at 830 (yay!).  no morning sickness today, i still occasionally get a mild wave of nausea and/or headache but not today :)  had breakfast and cleaned up a bit before hanging out with Saara Doug and Leila chez Saara.  

i ran out quick to put a HOLD on a dresser i found at the thrift shop yesterday.  it is as if God was mocking me bc it was pretty much an exact replica of the one that i passed around to a few friends that i wanted back.  unfortunately it has found itself a home which is why we ended up with the white and yellow one.  AND THEN THIS ONE SHOWS UP!!!!  i decided to buy it for the measley three bucks, clean it and paint it for my gf Trizie.  it basically looks like this:

don't mind the foreground action LOL
this was back when we were living at Babcock and Bronwen came over
for a tequila night back in 2008

Triz is down and i am TRES excited bc i have the perfect colour to repaint!  the drawers will be white with the brass V-handles and the outside frame is going to be painted LAVENDER!  it is going to look so delish!

anyway.  after our little playdate, the Mo and I headed into town (picked up some comics for my nerdo hubby at the library...) to have lunch at Ambiente with the Crowe Boys!  the food was delicious as always, the boys really loved the waffles bc otherwise they would be crazy freaks of nature.  Moses had such a great time with them running and chasing around.  did i mention that it's October 13th and it was about 18-20 degrees???!!!!!  CLEAR BLUE SKY.  we walked to the park for a while talking and hanging out while the kids ran amok.

Moses is finally asleep after an hour of fooling around :)  all is well.


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