trial and error / trial and terror

new room did not work but look how cute it was!


Moses past out in our pipgsty living room today
Me feeling like 200lbs of bumcrusties

i don't know what to do.  kevin took over last night and just rocked him around like a baby until Moses fell asleep.  that was about 1130pm.  Moses woke up again at 630am.  now, don't think that i am complaining about this because 6-7 hours is not enough sleep for me.  that is not the issue.  the issue is that he used to sleep at about 930pm and wake up at about 8-830pm.  that's a difference of 4 hours sleep that Moses is missing and THAT is a problem.

today was supposed to be better.  it was and it wasn't.  
Kevin missed the bus this morning so he came back, helped pack up the Mo and we drove Kev to work.  i stopped by ICBC again to show them my credit card i finally received yesterday (needed to show additional ID).  i should be receiving my new card in a week.

we headed to the mall where, although i was thrilled the Starbucks barista was more than willing to make my London Fog with my own decaf Earl Grey tea bag, i was a bit mortified by the slew of ignorance that came pouring out of her mouth about caffeine and how cocaine is safer to take during pregnancy than caffeine and how she always tries to push the decaf on other pregnant moms.  basically, if you haven't been pregnant, AND EVEN IF YOU HAVE, you need to mind your own business.  i may not agree with what other people are ingesting but you know what, it ain't my life.  and for all that barista knows, some of those moms-to-be may have gone 6 months without a cup of caffeine and are having a really bad day and just need that one cup to get by.  

LOL courtesy of Ainge

we played in the play place for a while until Barry and Kane came to meet us for brekkie at the White Spot.  2 for 1 coupon!  it was such a nice breakfast, the boys were SO WELL BEHAVED!  not screaming or running around, EATING!, and generally well tempered.  i was excited to meet them at the park for a playdate, but on the 5 min drive from the mall to their house, Moses totally passed out.  I was so angry.

i wanted to just stay and let him sleep in the car for a while.  i knew that it was going to be bad news if we just drove home.  he didn't wake up when i stopped the car, or when i turned off the car, or when i got out of the car.  he woke up as i opened his door.  he fell asleep on my shoulder while i carried him in the building and down the hall but the second we walked in our suite door he was awake and immediately began the semi-frantic crying.  

i didn't know what to do and i felt like screaming and crying.  it was 1130am.  
i went to lie on the couch totally defeated as he stumbled around half-crying.  he gathered a bunch of foam numbers and eventually climbed up beside me, laid down and inspected them until he fell asleep.  he slept for almost two hours.

i talked to Saara today about it.  she thinks perhaps Moses has developed one of the irrational toddler fears of the toddler bed.  yes, despite him having been in it for over a month.  i'm considering it bc WHAT OTHER CHOICE DO I HAVE?


just got back from picking up kev and eating dinner.  the room is back to it's crib arrangement so we'll see how this goes.  i highly doubt this is what the issue is but at least this way i can say i DID try it and rule it out.

i don't know whether to pray for this to work or not work bc i really don't want him in his crib again.  the entire point of this was so he would be ready for chloe's arrival.  i'm aware that with her arrival he may regress back to the crib anyway, but i read today that it is suggested that parents do the crib/bed switch about 6-8 weeks before the next baby's arrival.  which we did.


here goes nothing.


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