note: I realize these details of sleep schedule are tres boring but I'm keeping this for my records, and for future reference for any friends or relatives who may later run into a similar problem

so.  last night.

Did our regular routine early (bottle (plus tylenol), shower, story, bed)
Crib made no difference - we put him in and he began his crying.  I was hopeful at first because it did not seem initially as frantic so we let him cry for about 5-10mins before I sent Kevin into the room at which point he began crying a lot harder.  Kev tried to comfort him but Moses wasn't having it and poor Kevie ended up bringing him to the living room bc he couldn't take the looks on Mosie's face.

i ended up cuddling on the couch with him until he fell asleep.  Kev brought him to his crib.

he woke up again at 1230pm.  he was not happy.  i tried to hug him and get him to lie down with me on the floor beside him but it was a no go.  we sat and tried to comfort him on the couch for a while until he started pointing to the kitchen saying BA!  We made him another bottle which calmed him down substantially enough that we were able to put him in his crib without him crying.  I stayed on the floor beside him and he eventually fell asleep.  small steps.

he woke up around 630-7am.  i was ok with this since he initially fell asleep at 930pm.


we got home a little late tonight having had a surprise birthday dinner at Sawasadee for Ada so we were a little behind than i would have liked.  i'm not going into work tomorrow bc i wanted Moses to stay at home tonight to work on this sleep thing.

we showered while Kev put the new "happy" room together again.  we saved the bottle for storytime instead of prior to showering to provide him with comfort.  this seemed to help as he did not panic during or after storytime on the way to his room.  i was able to put him in bed and lie on the floor beside him.  it was about 40 mins of him kicking around and trying to lie on the floor with me before he finally fell asleep in bed holding my hand :)   BABY STEPS.  i'm so relieved.


in other news

today was a busy busy day.  we were up early as mentioned above.  we had breakfast and bussed out to Vancouver!  Moses was very well behaved.  we went to work to review the sexy movie montage and see what changes were required... and ate some foods :P   it was a good day to visit bc Judy and Ian were not in the office with Moses running around.  everyone was stoked to see the Mo.  he sat at a few girls' desks for a while and played peek-a-boo with Trizie in her office.

Moses fell asleep on my way out to run errands.  i walked up to Sears to pick up onesies for the BLAH BLAH BLAH designs and then all the way to Chinatown for emulsion at Blim, since this bull$%#@ Speedball Diazo stuff isn't working whatsoever....  Moses woke up at Blim which sucked bc it was only an hour sleep but oh well....

then we walked all the way up to Taryn's place for a playdate before having Ada's dinner.  those last 7 blocks uphill on Main totally annihilated my poor baby-baking body.  i was the little train that could, huffing and puffing at glacial pace hahahaha, and yet i managed to walk another 20 blocks up to 27th to the restaurant!!!!

i'm excited to try this new emulsion.  i hope it works!  painting is going very well :)


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