zombies and dia de los muertos baby shower


sleep has not improved.  any feelings of normalcy or capacity to deal has been strictly due to Moses bootcamp adaptation.  i.am.so.tired.
last night he woke up as usual 1-2 times every 30 mins or so after falling asleep.  followed by some other time in the middle of the night.  i think it must have been 4 or 5am when i woke up to find Moses in bed with me and Kevin on the couch.  the next 3-4 hours were spent in (a) a shallow puddle of sleep and weird dreams (b) wide awake from the bulldozer snores of poor Moses breathing through a landfill of stuffed-up nostrilitis.

around 6:45am i pulled out the humidifier in Moses closet and set it up only to find it was super loud and not worth transferring Moses into his room.  i left it on for most of the morning to clear and moisturize the air.  i failed to fall asleep for the next hour.  i angrily sent kevin out to pick up some nasal drops but he was only able to find some nasal spray.  at 8am, Moses' snores quieted down and i finally fell asleep.  he woke up about an hour later, and when he did i was just hammered with exhaustion.  i couldn't for the life of me stop falling asleep, my eyelids kept being pulled down by massive anchors of sleep deprivation.

he was such a sweet boy.  he hung out with me for a bit before running out and collecting a few toys to bring back to bed to play with.  he was very sweet and did not bash my face/head with the toys although he seemed concerned and would pat my face whenever i fell into a deep sleep.  he ran out and got different toys.  he even seemed to realize at one point that i was in really rough shape and started placing the toys by my face as if to make me feel better.  i was so tired and touched that i started crying a little bit LOL.

i've been working up a storm, trying to get as many projects done as possible as soon as possible.  yesterday, kevin took over the evening while i worked on another set of wedding invites.  i'm pleased to say they were well received!  i will be working more on them after this blog entry...

painting is still going.  i still haven't had a chance to do screen print samples.  kevin needed to pick up tools from his parents to drill the clamps in but since he was busy last night, i'll have to wait til this evening.

the weekend was packed as usual.  saturday was spent at my mom's finishing up the kitchen - all the caulking and tiling complete!  went for supper at chez O'Brien.  my mother in law is so sweet, she and Moses made more cookies.  he LOVES it.  he gets to sit up on the counter and help measure and pour the ingredients into the AMAZING MECHANICAL MACHINE, and of course taste test all the yummy ingredients and cookie dough!  it's adorable.  i really love her for that.

sunday was Coco's baby shower with my girlfriends!  Moses slept like ass saturday night so me and kevin basically looked like freshly dug up corpses the entire afternoon, but since the shower was themed Dia de los Muertos our look was appropriate hahahaha!  


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