bitchin' kitchen!!!!!

found this on apartment therapy's

so apparently i must not be in the know because the trail of comments of the post featured many viewers lamenting on how they are sick and tired of all these DIY KITCHENS but this is the first time i have ever seen this and i am seriously mentally blown away by the sheer awesomeness of this.  i am also feeling a sense of tragedy as i recall seeing hundreds of these old school television set-ups at the thrift store up the street!  


one commenter is TOTES correct when he wrote how you could make a pretty damn good penny finding and refurbishing these tv-consoles into SUPER RAD unique kitchens!!!!!  DAMMIT!!!!!  i think kevin and i have just found a possible calling since (1) we are into DIY (2) this would allow us to exercise our "design" and creative juices to make "mini" kitchens since we can't really redo our own...

i'm so blown away by these i'm going to look for more!

(other commenters mentioned ditchin the kitchen idea and expanding into art studios or workshops etc...)


  1. i really want to see these kitchens but yo html or photo embed is wack


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