more books to share!  with more of Moses' Chapters gift certificates i recently purchased two more Oliver Jeffers books

a few weeks ago (actually i think i posted about it...) kev was having a stressful day so i sent him out to get groceries and whatnot.  he dropped by the library and ended up picking up a few books for Moses and he ended up choosing some pretty amazing books!  allow me to share of few with you!

about a boy named Pierre who says nothing other than
until a lion eats him up and spits him back out

about a girl named Vashti who thinks she can not draw until her teacher
frames and hangs a picture of a dot that Vashti jabs onto a piece of paper.
she becomes inspired thinking "I can do a MUCH better dot than that!"
and sets off to create many more beautiful "dot" paintings

Moses is not really into this one but it is the most beautifully illustrated book
about different kinds of quiet:

"don't scare the robin quiet"
"coloring in the lines quiet"
"making a wish quiet"

"right before you yell SURPRISE quiet"

this book is not my favourite in terms of illustration style although Mr Robert Neubecker
is a famous illustrator who has done a bunch of work for the NY Times, Time and Business Week.
anyway... Moses loves this book bc of the crazy colours and bold lines and the fact that
each page is mostly devoted to:
you get the picture...  all of Moses favourite sorts of things plus the WOW factor
that needs to be expressed with utmost exuberance with every turn of the page.

lastly.  one of his favourite books that has been handed down to him from my
mom/my brother and is Dr Seuss's BEARS ON WHEELS by
Stan and Jan Berenstein

A short and sweet book about 1 bear on 1 wheel
2,3,4,5 bears on one wheel
until a catastrophic crash sends them all flying into the air
the build up of anticipation gets Moses everytime hahaha



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