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i am in love with this photo of Moses.  my sister has been sending packages like crazy lately, and these skull gloves and mohawk toque set is the latest.  she was begging me all day for a photo of him in it.  it felt like i was about to bunjee jump off a bridge when i decided to take on the task of putting him in his new accessories, expecting 10 rounds of bare-knuckle boxing with the Mo and i was right.  it was a tantrum festival, but it was worth it!  the second he had everything on he just started laughing and hamming it up like nobody's business!  i love how huge his smile is and how you can see all his teeny teeth.


the PEN 15 CLUB expands
found out this morning that our good family friends Leanne and Marcus are having a BOY!!!!!
he was to be due in March but it is looking like it might be an April Fool's baby hahahaha
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!  Moses hand-me-downs! 

last day of work...?
so i think i have decided that today will be my last day here at work.  i had planned to stay til the bitter end since coming in is a lot less "work" than taking care of Moses, but after the way i have been feeling this week, i think i owe it to myself to take these last 4 fridays to actually factually relax and have time to myself while Moses stays with my mom.  i'm going to have to talk to her about this tonight when we pick him up and see if it's ok with her...

Moses on top!
since Moses sleep has improved, i decided to take the plunge yesterday and try getting him to nap on the top bunk.  we still haven't purchased a twin mattress so i surrounded the open areas with layers and layers of blankets.  he seemed quite content to lie underneath the huge leaf (i mean who wouldn't?  with the nice soft glow of the moon behind the leaf and everything you would have to be crazy...) and fell asleep in about 10-15 mins!  i took a photo... but i'm at work and don't have it :P  will add it later!

after we dropped Moses off at my mama's last night, we headed over to the mall and Superstore to find a gift for our niece Grace who will be celebrating her 3rd birthday this Saturday.  they are renovating in the mall and for some reason the smell of drywall was smelling really nice????  

anyway, i kept getting distracted by all the newborn baby girl things and finally bought chloe her first little onesie :)  we don't have anything for her other than a handful of short sleeve no-leg snappis and two growbags so it has been my mission to start buying up some winter attire for petite Coco.  kevin was being a nazi about what material to avoid which basically meant 98% of all the warm/winter stuff since they are polyester!!!  it is the flammability and the fact that if on fire polyester will actually melt that is his issue.  i was soooo happy to find a teensy little newborn onesie that was predominantly cotton with just a tiny bit of polyester :)  :)  :)   on our way home he promised that after next weekend he would make time for me to go do more shopping while he looked after Moses since it is too difficult for me to take Moses out with me these days. 


my gay husband  
kev offered to help me out with screenprinting tonight since the first Craft Fair day is tomorrow.  so... turns out i should have just asked him to help me in the first place because he was able to pull every single shirt 100%.  i got ONE and i still had to paint in a few faded places when i did it.  sigh.  so i am desperately hoping that i am able to sell them all and help cover the costs of the other 5 that are all basically garbage.  kevin suggested i sell them for half-off or even just at cost but i can't see people wanting to do that for half faded prints...   anyway, i am in love with him for being able to do this and i hate his guts that he was able to do this.  ARGH.  i feel like i wasted my time by not asking him but obvs  this is way better than me having attempted to do it again in way more awful condition than the previous night.

my writing is horrible :( ugh.

this month is going to be so busy i'm going to lose my head.


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