day off number two :)

after dropping off Moses at my mama's place we stopped at McDick's.  we had to use these free coupons before they expired... yes HAD to!  then we sat and just talked...because we could do that!  we could have just sat there ALL NIGHT LONG.  but we didn't.  we had our free small fries and free ice cream cone... and admittedly we shared a 6 piece of strawberry sherbert chicken mcnuggets :S

i think about this photo every single time and i don't know what it is about my brain that is incapable of making the connection enough to be mortified to point of barfing at the thought of eating processed nuggies.  anyway.

we got home and did some cleaning and watched our PVR'd Hell's Kitchen.  kev made a hot chocolate Bailey's.  i had to try it to make sure it was perfect... which it was.  Delish.

i just got back from driving him to work...  gonna do more cleaning and maybe some nesting before heading out to Van to have a HAYDAY with Ainge.  the plan is to have perogies and try Lee's Donuts down at Granville Island.  then go to Emily Carr and hate on all the crappy art.  (bitter much?)

i'm really trying to calm myself down.  i was feeling pretty forlorn last night.  Renee was convincing me to WILL THE UNIVERSE into bringing Chloe tomorrow but i just don't think it's going to happen.  i can't convince myself... probably because i know that there are physical things that are supposed to occur in my body a few days prior to going into labour and they have not happened.   sigh.

i'm really trying to not think about it.  i think what bothers me the most if the possibility that her due date has been wrong the whole time and that maybe she is due closer to the 16th which means she could theoretically still be 7 days later than the 16th!!!  that's a lot more days for a prego woman to swallow, especially right before Christmas, especially with a Moses.  it also doesn't help that this pregnancy has been so on point with all my babycenter updates as opposed to Moses where i was always just a little bit behind, which has made me feel like Chloe will be early or on time...  i know in the end dates are simply that... DATES.  ETA's.  babies will come when they are ready.  there isn't really any "early" or "late".  

anyway.  i'm going to have a great day with Ainge and i am going to enjoy it while i still can.  i made $66 at last week's craft sale while i was at the wedding and hope to make more on this last weekend of the Tsawwassen sale.  kev is going to head out with Moses (and his Dad) to Cloverdale to check out a '62 Falcon that we are interested in buying.  

i decided we probably need two cars and kevin will finally be able to drive around in a personality car again which i know he misses so dearly.  i'm excited about getting one after seeing how much work paid off going into our wedding car Lucy.  i am excited for Sunday family drives!!!!

wow.  november is pretty much over.


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