farewell october hello november

everytime i look at my ical i totally start freaking out.
my eyes b-line for every saturday which is booked and i realize that no matter how massively huge i am feeling right now, this month is going to be over in two seconds and this baby is going to be here.

so.  on that note.  i am feeling really huge.  i was just looking at my profile in the mirror and then back at that photo i posted a few days ago of myself overdue with Moses, and i pretty much am the same size.  for some reason i feel smaller this time around, and in my mind i look smaller... so maybe it's just because i expected to blow up...  my babycenter update for this week (35 weeks) is that i have probably gained 25-30lbs by now and shouldn't really gain anymore weight.  i am praying to god this is true.  i am definitely lighter this time around.  i weighed in last week at 116.5lbs.  i remember being about 10lbs heavier by the end with Moses.  PLEASE GOD DO NOT LET ME GAIN 10 MORE POUNDS!!!!!!!!!

my hips/pelvis/butt all feel loose.  loose screws.  it feels like my hips are a pair of pants 3 sizes to big and that they are just going to fall off WHICH has caused me to flex my ass muscles all the time in hopes of (1) trying to keep my hips from falling to my ankles (2) keep chloe from falling between my legs... which is what i have been feeling the past couple of days.

i have no idea what to expect.  on one hand i am grossly uncomfortable.  i'm sure a lot of it has been due to taking care of a toddler and having to do so much extra strenuous physical activity.  i feel like she is or should come early because of all this and i DO want her to come early BUT i also want to be able to be present at GotCraft to mind my own table????  i have so much stuff still left to do that i want and need to complete that i want her to be on time.  i don't know... my body feels like it's really getting ready, like GETTING READY because it's going to be early and at the same time i'm telling myself "this is just the way it is, you're going to have to wait out the next 5 weeks!"


i should be screenprinting onesies right now but i feel like i have been lazy about blogging.

oh right halloween photos
Halloween was really nice.  it was a gorgeous sunny morning!  Moses' sleeping has improved.  he's been going down rather easily around 9-930pm, waking up once and then sleeping until 7:30am.  not as long as before, and with one wake up call but still much better than it has been :)  since he was up "early" we ended up taking a nice walk into town to drop off and pick up library books.  the library was closed so we walked over to Ambiente where kevin tried the waffles for the first time!  it was such a beautiful beautiful morning i wished so bad that i had brought my camera!  we were all dressed in black/grey (lame detail) and we haven't gone for walks with the cooler weather and darker evenings so it was really a nice treat to be together as family.

october 30

on our way to Lola's house

Trick or Treating @ Tsawwasen Mall
(at Sublime)

Andie as Van Goh's lost ear!


an unexpected nice photo of myself thrown in for vanity's sake

showing Grandad his loot

october 31

heading to Richmond Centre

quickly leaving the mall due to insane chaos

Trick or Treating @ Lola's neighborhood!

Knock! Knock!

I ain't afraid of no ghosts!

at home with the pumpkins!


happy halloween!

and lastly i will end this post with this adorable piece of clothing
that i want so so so so so so so so badly!!!!!

Rib Hooded Jacket
from nui organics

i want to get this for chloe so badly
i'm going to beg kevin to let me buy it


  1. I love your blog, Phan!
    I'm hanging out with my sister-in-law & bro right now. They've got a 4 yr old and a 6 mo old. I don't know how they do it!

  2. i don't know how parents do it either, but all i do these days is remind myself over and over that it has been done and CAN BE DONE!!!


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