FYI i'm super mom...

holy god.
i am amazing.

trekked out back to the strip mall in white rock with Cait and Emily this morning.  so weird to be perusing H&M @ 10am on a monday morning, but it was no surprise to see 5-6 other parents there with their kids.  the world is such a different place M-F 9-5pm.

i bought two jackets for Momo at the please mum.  50% off EVERYTHING!!!!

100% polyester bonded tricot waterproof microfleece. 100% polyester micro fleece reverse side. reflective piping at front and back raglan seams. exposed zipper front closure. machine wash cold with like colours, do not bleach, hang to dry, do not iron, do not dryclean.

i initially was going to just buy him the green one but they only had 12-18m and 4T, so i bought him the dino in 3T and the green in 4T.  i didn't like the dino one on the rack but once i put it on him (just for size) it actually looked super cute and he obviously loved the dinosaurs :)   I LOVE LOVE LOVE these jackets bc they aren't the typical flimsy shiny raincoat material, the outside is super thick and smooth and it has a nice warm lining.  the 3T is perfect bc for now it is long (keeps more of his upper legs dry....) and the material is sturdy enough to keep the sleeves permanently folded!  AWESOMENESS.

i bought myself a few "comfy" items from H&M: sweatpants, burnout white on white striped longsleeve top, leopard scarf with splashes of peachy-pink, and navy stripes on white tank top.   :)  yay!  clothes for mama!

terrible twos vs mom
ANYWAY.  i am super mom!  we headed over the the indigo.  Moses happily played at the Thomas & Friends train station play area while i sweated through the aisles of children's books for a good 20 minutes.  terrible twos are most certainly in full swing here.  i didn't even have to mutter a single syllable to this little muk-muk child of mine, all it took was me standing near him to set him off in a panic of quick-stepping his feet and saying "no no no no no no no" in anticipation of having to leave the train station.  

so of course once i physically begin the process of removing him from the premises, he does the kicking and screaming on the floor.  i am not embarassed bc all the other parents there KNOW what is going on hahahhaa.  i end up scooping him up romance-novel-styles as he screaaaaams and screeeaaaaaams and kicks and flails through the aisles.  and it doesn't end there.  it continues out the doors, on the rainy wet walk back to the car and in the car.  my hair is soaking wet as i spend 12 minutes trying to buckle him into his car seat.  he is performing the notorious STIFF AS A BOARD move on me as i am laughing and trying to get his arms into the straps and buckled in.  he screamed and cried pretty much all the way home, calming down a few times and falling asleep by the time we arrived home.

i think that god was impressed with my patience and ability to laugh off the situation.  what else am i going to do anyway????  screaming or yelling back at him is going to do nothing except make me more angry.  and i know this is not going to be forever.  he cried when i got him out of the car but i was able to bounce him (and chloe) down the hall until he calmed down and even managed to get him into bed and pass out from exhaustion.

i feel like a million dollars.  i'm so proud of myself.

surprise baby shower!!!!!!
so i had no idea about this shower forever up until kevin's birthday dinner at Cobre.  my cousin lauren had asked me "so blah blah blah sunday?" and i responded with an "i don't know/what's sunday" answer.  "oh nevermind! nothing!" LOL from that moment i clued in and so many things fell into place.  i didn't prod her bc clearly it was a surprise and i didn't want her to feel bad.

after breakfast and a few errands in richmond, kevin drove us to my mom's where i saw a whole swackload of familiar vehicles ha ha ha ha.  it was a lovely lovely wonderful shower!  all of my family and kevin's family showed up and it was so touching.  it made me so happy and made me feel so supported :)

since it was at my mom's there was 10 truckloads of food, all delicious!  chloe got so many wonderful gifts and great outfits!  so much pink but i'm totally down.  all in good taste!  i just threw everything in the laundry this morning before going shopping and need to fold everything now :)


prego updates - 37 weeks

Your baby weighs close to 6.5 pounds / 2.8 kilograms and may be about 20 inches / 50 centimetres long from head to toe. Your baby's head is now cradled in your pelvic cavity -- surrounded and protected by your pelvic bones. This position clears some much-needed space for her growing legs and buttocks. 

Many babies now have a full head of hair, with locks maybe around one inch / 2.5 centimetres long. But don't be surprised if her hair isn't the same colour as yours. Dark-haired couples are sometimes taken aback when their children are born with bright red or blond hair, and fair-haired couples likewise can produce babies with dark hair. And then, of course, some babies don't have any hair at all. 

Speaking of hair, most of the downy coat of lanugo that covered your baby from 26 weeks has disappeared, and so has most of the vernix caseosa, the whitish substance that also covers her. Your baby will swallow her lanugo and exterior coating, along with other secretions, and store them in her bowels. These will become your infant's first bowel movement, a blackish waste called meconium

i am a lot better today but yesterday was very interesting.  i was having A LOT of action going on in my body.  both my legs were starting to buckle a lot and i'm pretty sure that i was having a handful of contractions!  be they Braxtons or otherwise, i was having some tiny contractions here and there throughout the afternoon and evening.  chloe is still active but compared to the last few weeks, last night and this morning's usual activity times were nothing in comparison which is making me wonder if she is slowing down and preparing for labour.  or maybe that's just my wishful thinking?  and why god am i having wishful thinking about having her come early????!!!!!!  like my mom said last night after the shower "enjoy your freedom while you still can!" and i know she is right.  as much as my body is going through hell with Coco and Moses right now, this in comparison is undoubtedly "freedom".  HOW SAD!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks for the update, steph! and for the smiles. miss seeing you on fridays already.
    hang in there, you'll totally have freedom in about 20 years ;-)
    Wakie xoxo

  2. I LOVE YOU WAKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH TOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!


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