kev joined Moses and I for our double appointment today since it's difficult for me to do it on my own.  Moses got his shots plus a flu shot (which we all ended up getting) and i felt soooo horrible.  i was anticipating a very upset Moses and that is what we got.  i had no qualms with all his previous vaccinations as i figured he was too young to remember what was going on.  i knew that today would be different and sure enough after i "tricked" him into a playful game of holding his arms and chest down on the bed and Kev holding down his thighs so the doc could administer the shots, he broke out into tears of pain and looked at us horrified that we would allow NAY participate in hurting him for NO (APPARENT) REASON!  :(

i am still 2cm.  doctor said i haven't grown and weight-wise i've only gained half a pound since Friday.  she had one of the receptionists book me for an ultrasound just to check things out.  unfortunately the soonest one was TODAY at 1pm or else dec 1st...  i caved into the inconvenience on account that i wanted to make sure things were ok asap just in case.  LUCKILY (SO SO SO LUCKILY) Taryn had the day off and helped me out immensely :)  we dropped off Mo with her where they went to Kindergym and hung out at her place while i drove kev back to work and then back to Vancouver again.

the 4 of us went for lunch at Foundy before Taryn kindly took him again while i went to the appointment.  i was craving the BLT-ish which totes hit the spot and Moses dove into a massive bowl of Chile which incidentally was rather spicy.  Moses didn't seem to be bothered probably because he was so hungry from running around with Hanna, but eventually the heat hit him and he started panicking with his little mouth and tongue open.  he inhaled an entire cup of soy milk which did the trick :P   poor muffin.

i zoomed off to my appointment, not realizing i was late, but thankfully it was super close by and THANK GOD Taryn was able to take him again since i was lying on the table for about 30 minutes... i don't know wtf Moses would have done in that room with me!!!!  the lady printed me two photos and of course tried to navigate Chloe's face for me on the blotches of grey and black.  she has a face!  it's not just skeleton!!!!!

i have made a rough sketch for yalls hahaha

UGH.  so anyway.  my doctor basically told me that they were going to put me at the december 16th date since i'm measuring so small.  BUT I DON'T GET IT!  if her/my growth has slowed down, doesn't that mean she should be coming sooner and not later???  i get that december 16th would give her more time to grow, but if she has already plateaued then why move the date?  ARGH.  I DON'T WANT TO WAIT LONGER.


anyway.  the ultrasound people are not allowed to divulge info, but i guess i will find out through my doc in the next couple of days on how Chloe is doing.



  1. You know as well as I know their due dates don't mean shit! <3


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