the last stretch


man, am i pooped.

this week went super fast.  waffles with Nicole was lovely although it was piss pouring rain.  she came over for a bit and played with Moses while i did some wedding invitation work, and said she would come again next week to give me more "me" time.  

doctor appointment
wednesday Saara looked after Moses while i went for my check-up.  doctor said the head was low and that i was 1cm dilated, this news did not surprise me one little bit.  i'm not in any sort of panic about being dilated as i have read it is common and does not necessarily indicate early labour.  i figure it's due to having done this before as well as having to exert extra physical activity with Moses.  BUT there is a part of me that is hoping that it means we will be having Chloe on the soon side.

i begged my doctor to let me skip next week's appointment and she was totally fine with it until she measured my belly.  she said my growth has slowed a little and i was already smaller than i was with Moses this time before which has her a little concerned.  i'm scheduled to go in next friday morning which will be nice...  my mom has agreed to taking care of Moses for my last few fridays to give me time for myself to relax and rest.  i think i may try to go for a massage and mani-pedi since i'll be out in Van :)

happy birthday kevin!  your first vacation day!
kev took friday off for his birthday so he has a 4 day weekened.  thursday he worked on the kids' dresser before we headed out to white rock to pick up a grill for the Model-A he's working on.  we checked out the new-ish strip mall (outlet mall??) on the way out there and found some amazing things at the H&M... for Moses and Chloe... not me or kev :P   we dropped Moses off early at my mom's to meet up with a bunch of friends for kev's birthday dinner at Cobre!  wish i took more photos... i think other people did so i'll try to steal some photos :P

:)  happy to be out!!!!

3 dragons...

dulce de leche WITH CHURROS!!!!!

we had a eerily strange and awesome time, not having to take care of Moses or worry about finishing dinner on time to pick him up, followed by not having to put him to bed and wake up whenever we wanted!  we had a slow lazy start to the morning... VERY STRANGE.  cleaned up, ate breakfast, and went to Point Roberts to pick up my American Apparel shirts for the sale and then headed downtown to have pizza at giovane.  we went to pacific centre and holt and that was about as much as my body could take.  it was nice to spend the afternoon with my sweet hubtar  :)  

we went for another birthday dinner at maguro in ladner with my mom, bro and Ada.  AMAZINGLY DELISH AS ALWAYS.  my brother's treat!  there really is nothing out here in terms of good food except for this japanese restaurant and a mediterranean one and maguro is such a diamond in the rough for the quality, creativity and value you get, you would not expect it in such a tiny little butt-town.  at least if i have people out this way, i can treat them to something other than White Spot...

the night ended with my gay husband part II where kevin amazingly screened all 24 of the shirts we picked up earlier that day!!!!  it took us just under 2 hours to complete them, our living room/kitchen was covered in grey/black/pink/green/blue kids' tees!  

Tsawwassen Craft Sale Part II/IV
today's sale went amazingly!  woke up at 8am and immediately set up the ironing board to heatset all the printed shirts.

i recooped $140 today!!!!!!!!!  that alone covers a large portion of my costs :)  most of it was made from the prints of the paintings, people were tres stoked on them.  one lady took my card to email me about doing an original non-princessy princess piece for her daughter.  i really really hope she contacts me... i even did a few sketches in the afternoon so i would have something to show her if she contacts me.  

i'm feeling pretty good about myself and i hope that this means i'll do very well at GotCraft.  


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