let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

Moses has been quite defiant in going to sleep.  he doesn't necessarily cry or panic, but he keeps getting up and walking out of his room and we keep chasing him back in.  he didn't sleep until 11-130pm last night!!!!  he woke up of course at the same times anyway, 7:30am, but once he crawled back we managed to sleep until just after 9am.  that was a huge relief!  our day started later which always makes things easier for Mama Bear.  we had grilled cheese and apples for lunch before we decided to take on the beautiful snow!


i love this last photo so much
his face is just BEGGING me to munch his flushed cheeks and little mouth off!!!!

we were lucky enough to get out there before the Wednesday crew came to clear all the walkways of the pretty untouched snow.  we came in and had some hot chocolate and i set to work making some banana-pb-chocolate-chip muffins.  the first batch was thrown out because i called kevin and said i had used the pea flour which tasted like total ass...  he suggested i used the garbanzo bean flour which tasted a little better than the pea flour batter.  they still taste funny :(  i don't know what non-gluten flour he used last time he made them because they turned out delicious!!!  just my luck.

and of course after making a buttload of dishes, i loaded the dishwasher and while trying to pull the chopsticks out of the utensil rack (they were blocking the bottom tray from sliding in...) i gave myself a nice long slit on the thumb along our huge Henckel knife.

i peed myself really badly today when i sneezed.  i half hoped it was my water breaking LOL


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