ohhhhhhhhh emmmmmm geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i know.  i know i know i know i know i know.
i know it's going to be hell but i just want hell to come now. 
anticipation is killing me.

i couldn't sleep all night... the only thing i have to compare last night to was back in the olden days of getting wasted and dancing at honey to come home and pass out and still have vivid dreams of still dancing with music blaring.  i was in between wake/sleep most of the night feeling like my belly was twice the size and the increasing anxiety that tonight was the night and at any given second my water was going to break or i was going to be inundated with contractions.  neither occurred.  

my back was a mess.  it is especially uncomfortable to lie down flat these days, so i have taken to sleeping on an incline.  it relieves much of the weight and pressure but i find my back gets a bit twisted.  lesser of two evils...

kyme & niklas tie the knot

it snowed.  moses saw his first real snow (he was too young last year)
but as he has not yet learned the "s" sound he just kept saying "no".
snow was very appropriate as kyme is obsessed with christmas and would
annually deface everyone's agenda's with the message
christmas is coming!
it was just enough snow for photos but not too much to make a big
slushy dirty mess

kyme's wedding was wonderful.  i had a wonderful wonderful time.  it was so nice to see so many of my highschool classmates that i never ever see, particularly Pam Chiu whom i spent many years sitting side by side due to alphabetization.  apparently i had made her a massive "fat head" (as it was one of her nicknames) for her birthday and put it on her locker.  she still has it.  and takes it with her whenever she moves...  doesn't publicly display it but takes comfort in knowing that it is safely hanging out in a closet somewhere LOL.

the ceremony was short and sweet.  ainge came along with us in between the ceremony and reception.  we dropped Momo off at my mom's for his nap while we went for lunch at Pho Lan and grabbed a last second wedding card from Chapters.

i had a great time considering i was walking like a whale.  i love that so many of my highschool friends are getting married, it is so nice to be part of their celebration of love and finding that special person to be with.  it is so fun to reunite with friends and share in the joyous occasion.  I JUST WISH I COULD DRINK AND DANCE!!!!!  i did try to dance but it was pretty sad.  we left at the sad hour of 9:45pm and felt like rude guests despite me being overly prego and kevin getting over a 3 day stomach bug.

anyway.  we are completely bagged today.  i am not looking forward to this week at all.  my body feels entirely out of commission and i would love to be on bedrest with someone to take care of Moses.  i want and feel like Chloe will be here in a week...  it's freezing now.  i don't want to be under house arrest, it's far too challenging to take Moses out on my own, and even to go out for a walk has me paranoid about either of us catching a last minute bug.  

i'm so afraid... tell me when it's over.


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