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yesterday was a crazy busy day
745:am - dropped off k at work
8:45am - doctor appt: 2CM DILATED!  LOW HEAD! GOING BACK TUES!
9:45-Noon - walk/brunch @ Lucy's Cafe with Taryn & adorable gorgeous Hanna (whom apparently is equally treacherous as Momo these days.... PHEW! i'm not a bad parent!)
Noon - dropped off receipts @ work
12:30-2:30pm - MANI-PEDI @ PureNail and bought sweet ass tights @ AA for Momo to wear to Leila's ballet partay next week.  he has to show up all the girls since he is the only boy :P
3:00pm - dropped off Xmas Cards @ Ashley's
3:30-5pm - shopping @ RC: bought more warm clothes for Chloe!  thanks to everyone for the gc's that have helped to fund her wardrobe as we are broke xoxoxo
5:00pm - went to my mom's to chill before heading back out to Vancouver for my Gong Gong's birthday dinner.  we didn't pick up kevin bc he's been feeling flu-ish since yesterday, so he stayed home for the last half of his work day :(

6:30-9:00pm - 12 course dinner!  Moses was soooo cute!!!!  we've come to this restaurant a couple of times but now that he is so much older and aware of everything around him, he would lose his mind with massive eyes and his jaw dropped everytime the waitress would walk over with yet another massive plate of food for the table.  he was eating like crazy!  i truly wish i had remembered to bring my camera because when we did the cake at the end, Moses was sitting with my Gong Gong and when one of my relatives offered Moses 1 of the cherries he took it, pulled off the stem and put it on the table and gave the cherry to my grandpa!!!!!!!!!!  everyone was in shock and aw(wwwwwww)e so we got him to do it again with the other cherry :P  it was sooooo adorable :)  i'm sure it made my grandpa's night :)


so Chloe now has an assload of clothes!  she went from 2-3 pieces to a sea of pink from the shower, a massive laundry basket-full from my Lola who saved all of my sister's baby clothes for the past ___ years (all uniquely awesome in their vintage-ness), a few rad pieces my sister sent with my aunt when they met in Vegas the other day (for my gong gong's birthday), and the couple of warmsies that I purchased. photos to be posted soon i promise...

ALRIGHT!!!  SO!  time to get ready for another big day!  get ready and set up for the craft sale and then head out to Vancouver for KYME'S SNOWY WINTER WEDDING @ 1pm!

here we go!


  1. Eeek. I should go through Hanner's bebe stuff and see what I have for you. Added to the to do list.


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