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just went through my livejournal reading the last month's worth of posts before Moses was born, trying to gather clues or facts that indicated labour.  here are a few excerpts that i found amusing/helpful:

May 18th (my due date)
apparently diarrhea is another sign...
never have i been wanting diarrhea so badly in my life.
i had 2 BM's today i can't believe i was praying for them
to be spraying green all over as a signal for labour.

kevin is at his parents making a last minute change table
that can be laid across the crib for space saving. i guess
i should make the cushy part... i don't want to do anything.

i just want to barf and then cry into it...
nuzzle my face into its oatmealy stench...
singe my nose hairs...

why is it only 1:21pm

May 20th (two days overdue)
so i just did #2
and it was more on the diarrhea side than the healthy solid
which is providing me with disgusting hope

also, little britches is still in a state of rest rather than his
usual "hi mom! i'm at a rave on tonnes of e that is laced with crack!!!!!!!!!"
it is kind of scary since the decrease in activity is pretty significant,
and sometimes i freak out that maybe he has released his meconium (aka black tar shit)
into his homesac and is poisoned???!?!?!!!!!
and then i get some cold water/juice or jiggle my belly and he responds.

May 21 (3 days overdue)
i'm a mucuous machine again this morning.
i am hoping this is the mucuous plug that is said to
release my bag of waters.

later that day was my doc appointment where i found out my waters had broken, but due to Moses massively sized head, the waters were "plugged" and were released slowly as leakage thorughout the day, leaving me to believe it was continuation of mucus plug activity.

so what now?
i was trying to self-diagnose myself earlier today.  i usually do not read too much into things unless they come up on  i ended up finding a post on babycenter called "Baby measuring normal up until 37 weeks - Now small".  So basically what I ended up taking away with it was that Chloe is just super low and has been in the dropped position for the past two weeks or so, making it difficult to get an accurate measurement.  That is a relief and even a bit of a glimmer of hope that maybe i can just completely ignore the "december 16th" date.  The other piece of information that is more concerning is that there may not be enough fluid or that the placenta has detached and in both situations, the baby is no longer receiving nutrients and therefor not growing!  That is scary information.  I am so thankful that I was able to get that scan yesterday despite its inconvenience, and I should hopefully get the results this week.

Chloe is still active.  I can no longer honestly say whether she has slowed or not.  Sometimes I feel as if she has and then she'll have moments of totally strong pushy movements that make me feel otherwise.  I have no clue!   And most disgustingly, due to my Sherlock Holmes-ing on my livejournal, I am kind of wanting to have diarrhea again LOL.  Unfortunately my livejournal did not do much discussing of the mucus plug start and amount and whatnot so that leaves me in the dark.




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