weekend warrior

so a few weeks ago i totally caved in and blew $309 on the new cargo skinnies...
i returned them.  yes i loved them and they felt deliciously comfortable and trendy
but really i knew if i was going to buy myself clothes i should make more practical choices...
so ok not super practical but i just realized the last time i bought shirts was about a year ago
and that i have been wearing them at least once a week for the last 52 weeks.
so i bought this pretty little number.  i know size doesn't matter but when you feel like a heffer wearing an XXS
has a pretty amazing effect on you!  this shirt is so soft and lovely and comfy and it has purple flowers.
it was $40.  
and to make up for the skinny cargos, i bought another long TNA hoodie in the same army green as the cargos.
my excuse is bc i have too much grey/black/white that this would introduce colour... not to mention  these
hoodies last F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

faster and faster this ball is rolling
the craft sale was not very profitable this weekend, i sold 1 pack of hanukkah cards the entire day.  it did go pretty quickly however and my father in law was so kind as to take moses about for a walk, then to the park, and then walked him all the way home to play!  kev went to vancouver after dropping us off and got his hair did before driving to New West to pick up our new (replacement) microwave.  all i could think of when he told me it was $400 was how willing i would have been to sacrifice a microwave to go on a $400 shopping spree for myself :P

i received a lot of feedback on the blahblahblah onesies, mostly people wanting them in larger sizes for their older kiddos.  my sister said she would be able to get some American Apparel ones for me for cheap through work which is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome!!!!!  i'm really excited!  i have ordered black, heather grey, pink, blue and green.  hopefully she can have them shipped to me this week so i can have them printed for this coming saturday's sale.

AGGGHHH!!!!  this saturday is approaching all too quickly!!!!!  i was having anxiety about today when i saw the weather was supposed to be rainy...  it is not raining today.  on the contrary it is a frigging gorgeous fall day!  warm sun, fluffy clouds, and just a tiny briskness in the air.  after a bunch of morning cleaning i took Moses for a walk down Beach Grove by the water.  it's a much easier (and pleasant) walk than going into town.  it is an uphill walk and my hips can't handle it anymore, plus the Beach Grove stroll has yummy salty ocean breezes :)   we played at the park behind the cafe for a while before grabbing a snack.  it was so nice to just hang out with Moses.  as mentioned, i have been having anxiety since last week's physical changes in my body.  it's exceptionally more difficult to take care of Moses these days which makes me feel restrained in terms of going out; and of course staying in has its own downsides.  cabin fever and Moses not getting exercise or fresh air makes for two grumpy people!  so!  i am so grateful that the weather man was WRONG (or grateful that tsawwassen is always sunny haha) and that i was blessed with such a beautiful beautiful day!

tomorrow i'm having WAFFLES with my cousin nicole and wednesday is my next dr appt.  trying to find someone to mind Moses so i don't have to lug his crazy toddler butt with me for the measley 10 min appt.  i sent my holiday cards and paintings to be printed this morning in hopes of being able to pick them up on wednesday after the appointment.

my mom will be taking Moses on thurs so we can go for a birthday dinner with friends, come home and SLEEP, SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT, possibly SLEEP IN (???!!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!), and then have the day to ourselves before going for a birthday dinner with my mom!

Saturday will be the next sale.  And the following Saturday 20th is Kyme's wedding!  Wed will be another appt for me AND Moses' 18month checkup.  The month will be over!


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