went to ikea today


after the train fiasco on monday i felt compelled to get him a trainset.
i told my sister about the incident and she said she would buy him the mega
Thomas & Friends trainset for Christmas...

today at IKEA, he didn't even see their trainset display.  he saw the packaged
box and from one slice of track and a few of the traincars, he knew EXACTLY
what it was given by the "tchoo tchoo" sounds he made.
he pushed the box into me and i couldn't say no.

this will be his "tide over" trainset until Christmas, at which point my mom 
can have the IKEA one for him to play with on visits.

he is sleeping right now...
i'm going to set it up for him to play with for when he wakes up :)


Barry had these the last time we visited a few weeks back 
and i fell in love with them! THEY ARE SO CUTE!
they are training sippy cups that have 3 tiny holes in the dogs' nose!!!!


so these rugs have gone down from i think $70 to $50
i love how it looks like grass
apparently i have a grass fetish
since i am also still in love with my boon grass bottle dryer

thinking of putting the rug in our room under Chloe's bassinet
beside our bed.  i think it will look cute :)

we dropped by westcoast kids prior to IKEA to check out the twin mattresses
for the bunkbed.  i am planning to get the coil mattress with added pillowtop.
i meant to get the brand and name of the mattress to check out its specs!!!
the base one sans pillowtop was $179, the one i like is $220.
i think that is reasonable for a good mattress that should last a while.

it was supposed to be pissy and raining and cloudy and windy today
it is gorgeous and sunny and beautiful

having ainge nads chuck and jenice over for dinner tonight


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