please enjoy the pathetic story of my false alarm water breakage

so i engaged in sexual activity last night.  probably because kevin was so charming with his new haircut and had just given me an amazing foot/leg rub.  i am really happy that in these last days i am actually able to enjoy it and not cringe and tense up for fear of being impaled and double over crying.  so as usual, i utilized the perineal squeeze bottle to d-d-d-douche myself.  for the first time in the 19 months since i've had Moses i had experienced water coming back out!  i panicked thinking it was my water but wasn't sure since this has never happened to me until OF COURSE now just as i am waiting for my damn water to break!!!!!!  

so i go  back to bed to wait and see if anything happens, anymore leakage or cramping or contractions.  i wake up around 3-4am having weird dreams of my neighbor using Christmas decorations on my back as a way of easing the back pain/cramps that i am having.  i get out of bed to google "how to know if your water has broken?" and confirm that there is a test.  

i go back to bed again and at 730am i turn on the light on the boys and hurry their grumpy faces awake to get ready to go to the Ladner hospital before heading over to my mom's to see my sister and Derek!!!

they were unable to confirm whether i had ruptured because i had still had kevin's cream of wheat which, like the membrane fluid, is a base and will cause the same reaction on the paper test.  GROSS.  EMBARASSING.  so basically because of kevin's man juice i ended up having to be sent to Women's...    we dropped off Moses at my mom's and hung out briefly with Michelle and Derek :)  SO HAPPY TO SEE THEM!!!!!!!!

at Women's they hooked me up to the heartmonitor to check up on Chloe for 20mins.  she's 100% a-ok.  i do another test and confirm that my waters have NOT ruptured.  boooooo....  at the same time i was relieved since it would have otherwise meant that my body once again didn't care and was not having ANY contractions.  

i had a bit of "blood" mucus later in the afternoon... but other than that i have been mostly dry.  

CHLOE WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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