48 hours

back in the olden days when my boobs were small
and this shirt was loose and i spent a lot of money shopping

Alright.  so nothing is for certain but i was given the old membrane sweep at my appointment today to try to get things moving.  this membrane sweep separates the membranes from around the baby from the cervix.  this releases some hormone and causes a chemical reaction which MAY kick-start labour within a 48 hour period.  i'm not holding my breath because i swear Chloe has her own plan figured out and will probably give the membrane sweep a run for its money if she feels like it.

during the procedure the dr described my cervix as floppy and thin which made me LOL and said she may even be able to stretch me out to 4cm.  i haven't gained anything since last week but my measurements are doing well.

she said to call as soon as i start feeling contractions, not to worry if they are the mild ones but to head out as soon as they start becoming more regular.  she predicts that my water will probably break first but we'll see how things roll.

CROSSED FINGERS.  Katherine, you may have a birthday friend :)



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