a darling little Mosie just went down for his nap no problems after my glorious Renee LePage Massage.  time for some chill out time.

friday was a lazy day to myself.  my mom and kevin unfortunately took a beating.  my uncle was trying to fix one of the bathroom faucets at my mom's and cracked it and then idiotically placed it on the carpet where it spewed black sludge.  me siblings and i were furious.  i don't know why my mom even bothers to ask him to do anything when everything he touches just ends up worse and requires and entire reno and more money.  kevin ended up having to "help" fix it friday evening - aka take notes of what was being done wrong to - return saturday morning to redo all the work.

luckily for me, i took off for yoga - even if it was another subpar session due to lack of Theresa AGAIN.  dammit and it was my last class!!!!!!  i had lunch at Capers before meeting up with Nads and Chuck to drop off my GotCraft products with them in case i happened to go into labour.  i did a little shopping on the walk back to my car.  i bought two nursing bras.  36E.  that's all i'm going to say about that...
picked up the boys from my mom's and headed over to Rawlins for Saturday night family dinner.  everyone, it seems is over it.  Chloe wins.  we all lose.  no more date guesstimating, she clearly has a mind of her own.



was a success!!!  there was a really great steady flow of people throughout the entire day and i managed to sell a whole variety of items.  Kev and Momo dropped me off and Ainge and Nads met me there to set-up.  KLF came out later and the three of them kept me company the whole day :)  I made $300 and Nads spent $300 hahaha... $80 of which went to me for Humphrey Dumpty :P   at the end of the day, happy with my profits I spent $30 on a gorgeous feather ring from Brilliance Found and a little pink cotton candy doll for Coco from Scrumptious Delight.


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