breaking point


in this time of angst and anticipation and dashed hopes and pelvic agony, i am doing my best to really lavish moses with love and quality times. i love how he understands the camera, how he knows how to stay still for it and then excitedly clamours up to check out how it turned out before posing again hahaha.
this little man melts my heart <3

i'm losing it :)
i'm starting to freak out and scream at home!
i went to the mall tonight and i could hardly even walk.  my body can not do this anymore.  i don't know what is going on.  i don't know when she is going to come.  all i know is i just can't do it anymore.

dr su left me a message while i was on the other line asking me to call and confirm either tomorrow or thursday for a 530pm appointment.  HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!  i don't have to wait until wednesday i can just go in at the end of the day tomorrow unless of course....  also kev's Nana invited Moses and I over for lunch tomorrow (unless of course...) which nicely breaks up my day since i had nothing planned for tomorrow (except rocking back and forth like a crazy person in the corner of my room).

renee showed her beautiful face this morning at 10am and hung out with us until about 2pm.  what a savior.  what a saint.  i hope she is pregnant within the next 6 months.  we walked into town which wasn't too bad.  i fared much better, surprisingly, than i did tonight at the mall tonight.

we officially have another car!!!!

1963 Falcon Futura

Kev's brother-in-law was wanting to get rid of his for a newer more "dependable" vehicle.  he managed to get Kev's mom's Ford Focus and in exchange we got his car!  He and kev's sister were also generous enough to offer their garage space for us to park Lucy our wedding car (1953 Ford Customline) so that we wouldn't have to pay the strata for an extra parking space!

it runs well and kevin is quite happy with the condition.  in time it will of course get body work done and be murdered out all in black :)  i am excited to have a vintage car back in our posession!!!!  kev's first car was Stinky, the 66 Red Ford Falcon, bought in 2000.  He bought George, a 65 Falcon which he ended up taking apart to sell for parts.  After Stinky, we got a 76 Pinto Wagon Woodie which we drove for a couple of years before getting the Jetta in 2008.  

i'm super stoked for him to work on it and have Moses see the progression.  i'm excited for Sunday drives and short vacations.  i'm excited excited excited.


it's tuesday tomorrow.  whatever happens, this week is going to be here fast.   i'm so full of relief.  kev can tell my body is done and said if Coco doesn't come by wednesday that he will just take time off work starting thursday.  this means the world to me.  it really means so much.  he is a wonderful wonderful hubtar :)


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