double time

my favourite photo

just a quick note on Coco's visit to the clinic...

she is doing fabulously!
babies usually surpass their birthweight by 2 weeks and chloe has already done so in 11 days!
in the past 4 days since the nurse visited us she has been gaining about 2oz per day and they usually look for 1oz per day

i can not express how happy this makes me having been worried about the lack of poo and lack of engorged boobs.

Taryn Syx and Hanna visited us for lunch today and were so kind to do a fancy pants photoshoot of the family!  i was really just looking for a "good eye" to push the button on my humble Canon Rebel so we wouldn't have to use the 10sec timer but they brought flashes and rearranged the living room and everything!  can't wait to see the finished product and get them printed and sent out to friends and family!

my shoulder is killing me right now as coco is on "my breast friend" feeding while i type this.

Moses has been in and out of his room for an hour and of course has probably just fallen asleep... half and hour before we gotta get outta here and head out to vancouver for NYE dinner with my cousin and her beau.

happy new year everyone!!!!!!!


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