hanging out

39 weeks

felt like total rotting cabbage this morning after another night of whacked out dreams and getting beaten to a pulp by Moses Hulkamaniac kicks to the back and head.  my dreams are beginning to constantly centre around being in labour or being given signs that i am indeed in labour and today will be the day... only to wake up with nothing...  this morning i had another "false alarm" because on top of having a headache and nausea, i also felt mild distant "cramps" that were reminiscent of period cramps which reminded me of my bro-in-law saying his wife had light "period" cramps which later became contractions.  NOPE.  not for me.

i laid in bed for half an hour after Mo woke up while he did his usual dumping legos all over our bedroom floor and piling cars and trucks all over the bed.  i have to say at least he doesn't throw them at my head and that he plays quite contently.  i do very very much appreciate this and really try to take advantage of it while i still can...

we made it through breakfast.  and then i pretty much just passed out again in bed because of this headache and overall feeling of exhaustion.

i finally got myself out of bed and called Cait next door to see if she could watch Mo while i took a quick stroll into town and back.  i'm so lucky and grateful to have so many wonderful people around me right now.  i've been getting messages from so many mamas (and non-mamas...) in the last week offering to take Mo off my hands.  i am so so lucky, thanks so much to all of you!!!!

i went to Sublime in hopes of recreating something similar for Chloe's crib area in our room

i'm liking the simple colour scheme of the "mobile" paper strips/shapes in these
i just wish i didn't SUCK ROYALLY at colour matching!!!!  i can see other things and "know" if it looks good or bad but i can never come up with things on my own.  it is very frustrating for me.

ALSO.  in my previous post about feeling like "miss lippy" from Billy Madison, i DID try to find an image of her pasting her face with glue with no luck.  i DID, however, find an AMAZING artist who happened to create this insanely crazy rad digital/painting/illustration of some singer whom reminded her of Miss Lippy

i am SOOOOO inspired to try to figure out how to make my illustrations appear more painterly...  this is amazing because it looks so real and so obviously NOT real at the same time.  her name is Whitney Pollett

i'm going to go attempt to do some nesting decor now although i have a bad feeling that i am just going to cut up, waste, and throw out whatever i end up making...

boo.  doctor's appointment later.  thank you Jesus God and Moses for falling asleep immediately for your nap today.  it's like you know your mother is losing her mind.


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