point form

maaaaahhh  11:52pm gotta go to sleep
been reorganizing the house and purging like crazy
i'm so tired
AND SO HOT AND SWEATY but kind of clammy
and TIRED sleepy...

i hate that i am not getting time to post because i really want to remember this time...
so here i am NOT sleeping just so i can jot down a few things that are in my head and heart

she is just a dreamboat i just love her to pieces
she has grown so much already in her short time breathing oxygen!
i can tell already that she has grown
and more than that
her face as changed and morphed a handful of times
it is less generic alien baby-face
and slowly growing into her own
which is now distinguishably different than Moses at this age

i love the shape of her face
i love the shape of her eyes
she has an ENTIRELY different nose that i can't point a finger to
and i just love the tiny gape that is her petit mouth
i am in love with her baby smell

i find myself desperately grasping to everything that is newborn
because it's my last run and i'll never get it again
and time is pouring through the hourglass so fast already

she's been a fantastic baby so far in terms of eating and sleeping
i've been worried...  the nurse last came on monday and since then
Coco has not had a poop!
the first nurse who visited us just happened called me this morning
which was perfect because i was planning on calling them to ask about
Coco now having had a BM for 3-4 days...
1. going to go into the clinic to weight Coco tomorrow (was going to go on Monday as per my Doctor but the nurse said they would be closed so to come in tomorrow to play it safe)

she's been mainly breastfeeding.  she sleeps a lot during the afternoon.
she is a more active eater in the evening.  her last feeding is usually around 11-midnight.
she wakes at 3-4am and then again around 630am.  i really can't complain...

Moses is still coming into our room most nights which is fine except that Coco is usually
beside me in bed by the time he comes crawling into our bed and I have to work to haul
him over me carefully so that Coco doesn't get trampled.

Mo has been great.  he is still being a toddler but K and i are feeling more at ease
with his behaviour...  it is amazing what a couple of days away from your child does to them.
he is amazing with Chloe.  he gives her little toys or a soother when she is crying and i am
trying to finish up something quick before picking her up.  he comes up to her and kisses her
or plays with her hand, intrigued by its tiny size.  he strokes her head and points to her nose.

10 Moses updates
1. likes to point at our eyes, nose, mouth and SAYS each word as he does it
2. still says NO a lot, when he doesn't like something he is watching or the way you are playing with him he will do a bunch of shoulder shrugs while saying "NoooOOOoOOoo"
3. is obsessed with technology: computers, cell phones, etc... throws tantrums everytime we are done playing
4. still loves cars and trucks and trains and planes...  still not able to say car/truck/train/plane but makes all the correct sounds for them including a quick hand swipe to signify a plane flying by.  when asked which is the "excavator/dump truck/tow truck/etc..." he is able to distinguish and point to the correct type of truck which completely blows my mind
5. puzzle whiz!  he is so sharp spacially with shapes and patterns

(OMG this is so not the point form post i thought this was going to be i'm going to be dead tomorrow morning!!!!!!)

6. has taken an independent interest in learning letters and numbers!  SO STOKED ON THIS since i have been feeling neglectful in trying to peak his interests.  i think i have to thank kev's mom for the educational games he plays on her computer with her.  currently hee knows M O P X W 8 9/6.  he thinks E is an M sideways.  next letters he seems to be interested in are R and U.  he will point to these letters when he sees them in books and starts yelling M wheenver we pass a McDonald's LOL 

7. eating skills improving steadily, able to eat soup with a spoon!  also has attempted chopsticks...
8. loves and understands the camera... i think we are going to buy him one of the Fisherprice ones...
9. finds dirt and takes it upon himself to dispose of it in the garbage beneath the kitchen sink
10. loves noodles.  loves saying noodles which sounds more like "loodle-oodle-oodle" which sounds similar to what he calls his auntie lauren "loole".  other names he knows or is catching onto include: Lola (Lllla), Grandma, Grandad (dadad), Renee (Nene), Nana (Nana), Michelle (Em), Ethan (Eeee), and last but not least COCO!

I am feeling good about myself.  I am pretty tired but I could be so much worse.  I am so happy.  I am so in love with Chloe I don't even care about anything.  I am thrilled my body has gone down WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY fast than it did with Moses.  my hips haven't stretched so much so i can still wear my jeans with the fly down.  it tooke me almost 3 months for my hip bones to retract with Moses.  my tum has surprisingly flattened out a lot!  i was 97lbs when i found out about this pregnancy.  I went upto about 124lbs and last night i weighed in at 113lbs.  clearly 10lbs is from my chest...  my healing is also phenomenally better this time around.  i'm off the Tylenol and Advil already and thank god i didn't have the epidural that made my feet look like inflated zeppelins and thank god I didn't tear!!!!!


things are good.  i love my little family.

the end


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