random notes

i want this for Christmas
it smells so effing delicious

i'm up early.  i haven't been able to get back to sleep since the Mo invaded our room this morning.  i think it was about an hour or two ago???

i'm feeling hungry.  my tum feels empty.

car update
kev went out to see the Falcon and figured there was too much work required for the asking price so we have set up a deal with his sister/brother-in-law to take on theirs which is the same car, but a year off 1963 instead 62.  slightly different body style (k and i both prefer the 62...) but still rock-able :)

Renee will be heading over this morning hooray!!!!  going to get out for another walk into town hopefully and get this party started.  the weather says rain and sun.

my mom took the liberty of trimming Moses' bangs last weekend which infuriated me.  i'm going to try to get to Jade's today to see if she can fix them.

tomorrow is the the annual Torre and Tagus sale.  yes, i want Coco to come now but i also want to go to the sale hahahahaha.  i'm getting nervous about the Got-Craft Fair and whether or not i will be there.  i also really want to go to yoga one last time this saturday... and maybe head downtown and buy the TOCCA perfume!  so much to do in this little tiny time :)

dates are funny.  i didn't want yesterday because it was my cousin's birthday.  i'm good with today and tomorrow but not with the Chinese-bad-luck-number-4.  i believe the 5th is my aunt's birthday.  6, 7, 8 i'm ok.  9 no.  10 ok.  and pretty much she has to come before then or else i'll probably be 4cm dilated LOL

did not go over super well.  i made one giant fuschia pompom which looks delicious... but in trying to replicate what i had thought would be super easy turned out less than stellar for the mobile.  i used my circle cutter to punch out a bunch of circles in yellows and white but once i strung a few on they were all hanging loopy and funny.  k said i had to poke them DEAD CENTRE which is pretty much impossible for me so i am rethinking the circles and maybe will do the paper strips???  i don't know.


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