sweet sixteen

i can not stress how much i love having kevin at home right now.  he is a MASSIVE help.  we have scheduled full days to keep us busy and distracted which made today really great.

we were up early in hopes of getting Moses schedule back to a more godly hour, especially after last night's drama fest.  we had oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins which was good since Moses and i have become addicted to Shreddies Shreddies Shreddies.  we headed out for a walk into town to do some errands, and to get me and Moses walking.  we managed to get him to walk the majority of the way up (with a harnass...) to tire him out for his nap later on.  kev made risotto for lunch before we jumped in the car and out to BUTTER to pick up a pack of their notoriously delicious gourmet marshmallows for Derek.  

they have expanded their flavours line beyond coconut, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate to include gingerbread, mint, raspberry, pumpkin spice, and a handful of others i can not currently think of.

i have been meaning to visit them for almost 3 years now and all i can say is that it is a VERY bad and VERY dangerous thing to be a pregnant lady walking into that bakery.  having worked at Qzina and visiting many of the bakeries over the past couple of years have yielded many a great finds and addictions but never have i walked into a bakery that made me just melt from the olfactory overload of freshly baked cookies/biscotti/scones/bars/etc...   i could not even begin to look around, i just stood their with my eyes closed swooning as the smells invaded and hypnotized my body.  

of course i didn't just buy the damn marshmallows.

i bought a gingerbread man for my sister bc she loves gingerbread and i figured she might as well have one made from heaven...  

i bought a pack of Day-Old Cookies to sample

and i don't know why THESE are not their top seller but i am pretty much looking for an excuse to go back tomorrow to buy another pack of these mofos because they were making my eyes water with disbelief of how anything could possibly taste this delicious

Chocolate Caramel Shortbread Sandwich Cookies

so it's a chocolate shortbread sandwich with a thin layer of caramel in between.  these cookies are so soft and half melt and half crumble into your mouth and as it makes its way down your tongue you get a massive surge of religious awakening, as if you have seen light for the very first time.  i can NOT believe how amazingly scrumtrulescent these are, they truly made my day :)

Moses fell asleep on the way out so we decided to take advantage of this and drove from Vancouver to White Rock to do some shopping at the Walmart and the strip mall across the street.  Moses slept for just over an hour and woke up just as we arrived at Walmart.  going to the H&M afterwards made me feel both depressed and excited for post pregnancy when i will slowly but surely have my body back and be able to go shopping for things other than loose fitting burnout-tees and loungey sweaters.  i must say, i have been super lucky with both pregnancies to have a lot of clothing choices available to me.  thank you fashion for the loose tees and big cozy sweaters this time around.  

had a delish fish tacos dinner sans tacos.  bed of rice topped with a carrot-cabbage-yogurt coleslaw topped with coriander encrusted fish topped with tomato slices and homemade guac.... with a side of yam fries :)  sooo good!  i love kevin.  me and these kids are so lucky to have someone who enjoys and takes pride in cooking to the extent that his presentation is "just part of it".  spoiled.

chloe where are you?

today was a good day

ahhhh!!! it's friday tomorrow!!!! my sister will be coming in!!!!!
if chloe doesn't show up i will be going to the Stanley Park Train with Michelle Jason and little Ethan!!!
and then afterwards visiting Lauren and her new beau!!!!!!


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