had a really great weekend and a really nice day today :)  

Trizie's baby shower was an intimate group of friends hosted by a Tsawwassen girl which allowed me to just walk over and back.  Chloe was on her best behaviour, being sweet as pie and basically sleeping through for 4 hours except for one feeding.  we played a few games, had delicious snacks and cake and opened gifts.  

saturday family dinner @ Rawlins



went for an AMAZZZZZING dinner at Tandoori Kona in Richmond (Cambie and 5rd) with 
Ainge * Sasha * Sally * Ashley * Nicole * Brock
i was a little unsure at first, being all judgemental that it was in a strip mall beside Subway but i can not wait to go back!  we ordered a bunch of dishes, i regret not taking photos since they were all layed out down the centre of our long table in the same little bowls.  
we had 3 butter chickens, chilli chicken, lamb korma, aloo gobi, palak paneer and this incredible chicken kashmiri.  the kashmiri was a cashew nut and banana sauce that was so sweet we were sure they threw pineapples in it.  NEED TO GO BACK!  entrees included naan, papadums and rice.  everything was so delicious, i ate my face off  :)  Moses did a pretty good job, this being his second time eating indian.  


managed to get sleep again
managed to adapt to lack of sleep

our cold is on it's way out thank goodness although Chloe still makes my heart ache with her half congested breathing.  Moses slept until 9am.  then Chloe went back to sleep so that Mo and I could have breakfast.  Sally gave us a bag of gifts for Chloe and Moses which included a lifesaving DVD of Mater's Tall Tales (funny short stories based on the characters of Disney's CARS movie for those of you not in the know :P ) which is what Moses has been watching obsessively on youtube.  NOW he has no excuse to want to watch the computer because we have the episodes on DVD!  HOORAY!!!  Moses watched them with his breakfast and allowed me to do some clean up.

We walked into town to meet my cousin Nicole and now-mutual-friend Stephanie - who just had her baby girl back in September - for lunch at Ambiente. i am proud to say i DID NOT have waffles and DID NOT have a London Fog.  i had a sandwich and got a healthy power cookie for Momo.  yes, it took much will power but i did it.

we hung out over at my place for an hour before Momo had to AND IS CURRENTLY! napping.  AS IS CHLOE!  i should be taking one too although i'm feeling pretty good.


we got a lot done in the house but there is still much to do.  i love redoing the house.

Ainge & Sasha
Chris & Thomas maybe...
Dim Sum on Friday with Wendy and others


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