Broken English

This post will be full of typos as it is being brought to you by the itouch. Se of you may know that my iMac is presently in repair specifically the hard drive. It failed on us after my habitual routine of never shutting it off. Luckily my cousin was so kind as to cone out to the boondocks from his downtown abode to pull the mac apart remove the hard drive and take it home for a good clean before transferring all our data back.

Moses has been improving on his language skills. New this week are a slough of goodies like Oh-way (orange) dooce (juice), ah-pa(airplane), bee ta (big truck),tee (tree), and my Fave BOOBIE for blueberry!!! He's been saying woh for road and pee for pig and does cookie monsters famous "ahm! Ahm! Ahm!" with the oscillating fingers at the mouth. There r more things but I am too distracted by the cumbersome nature of typing on this damn itouch to recall everything.he likes to push and pull my head and arm in the morning demanding "up! Up!" which in all its cuteness is so annoying after having just fed Chloe for her second night feeding. I really love how much of a social butterfly he is and how I can just leave him with any one of my friends at any time and have him be stoked about having someone to play with. He is so very handsome I can't wait to post his recent tattoos photoshoot :)

cocobear is wonderful and as darling and sweet as ever but I am sad to report she has the dreaded baby acne as well as mild cradle cap. The doc says it can last upto 4 months :(. We had her 1 month checkup this week and everything else is in perfect order. She is already over 10lbs putting her in the 75% for weight. Her head is 37 in the 50% and her height is in the 70-90%. She's been eating and sleeping so well I can't believe how lucky I am to have an easier baby, I'm so so so grateful. I do However have a constant fear that this means she is going to be a true hell raiser in her teens.... I must also mention that in the past week I've been aching for the forbidden! I'm so in love with coco I've been thinking about... Having a third :P. I'm sure I'm getting laughs right now after having two consecutively close "surprises" and swearing off of having any more. I think I'm freaking out bc of how fast coco is already growing and seeing how fast time has gone by with momo, I'm sad to think "this is it". No more tininess and sharing body warmth with a cuddly little muffin pie. I'm already so emo about how much bigger Chloe is only after 4-5 weeks! Plus I loved being part of a threesome (lol) and Kevin is also from a threesome.... It logically illogically makes sense!!! Plus three is a strong number...?  you know, like triangles are the strongest shape.  plus i think when arguments arise it is always good to have more than just one opinion.

Yes I'm having these thougts now at 12:01am while Chloe is still eestlessly between deedif and sleep and keV is coaxing Moses to sleep. It is hormones.

I've continued to keep busy throughot the week with visits and errands which is tiring but at least it is a worthwhile tired rather than a depressing tired from staying cooped up inside. Today was my "day off" just taking care of Chloe while mo had Lola times. I had a great sleep with Chloe; she fed first thing and then slept while I got ready and had a peaceful breakfast to myself. I spent the afternoon with Ainge doing exchanges at Oakridge, pigging out at Tandoori Kona for lunch and then hanging out chez moi playing Mario World on wii thanks to another sleeping Chloe!!! We all headed out once keV got home to scoop up mo, drop ainge off in van, and then attend A going away party for the CEO's assistant at the Shaw tower penthouse. It was a phenomenal place overlooking coal harbour on the 19 floor, tonnes of delicious food including desserts from giovane and gelato from ------ all of which I shamelessly packed up to take home hahaha. Moses had a ball jumping on one of the beds all night with Wakie (photo to be inserted here).

Today was great :) hope the comp gets fixed soon so I can post more photos. Have a great weekend everyone! Xoxoxoxxoxoxo

(hope you got your fix katherine, thanks for being such a fan :P )


  1. wow what a good job on your itouch. ;) haha...
    yay for momo saying more words! next i'm gonna teach him auntie nik.
    i need to come over again. maybe bake some cookies and i owe you money.
    i'm glad that mo got to see lola!i keep on forgetting she's a great grandma now. so awesome.
    come over and hang with me and stef at her house. it's big and we can play there!

    ps- i didn't get the aritzia fashion show. so bummed.

  2. babies babies babies babies.. I have to stop reading your blog for Neil's sake.. (but I won't actually)
    I can't wait to meet Chloe!

    Also <3 MARIO PARTY <3

  3. nik - moses LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES baking cookies! he doess it with kev's mom all the time :) and lola is not OUR lola but my mom :P i would not trust lola to take care of momo bc she is too old now and can't keep up with him.

    linds - i think i am the most hated person by many boyfriends right now hahaha. sorry neil!


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