cheating heart

so enough about Moses and Chloe...

this is Hanu, wild child of my friend Taryn and her rad hubby Syx

this little girl has stolen my heart.  she has the most fabulous beautiful wavy disheveled hair
absolutely GORGEOUS blue eyes
and an attitude that says "who cares?... it's only fashion" 

i have a feeling that she and the Mo are going to be good friends as they grow older, they are just both so mischievous and dare-i-say "quirky" due to their weirdo parents.  i can already see them getting into waaaay too much trouble.  will they hang out in their teen years wearing the 3rd wave of grunge clothing smoking doobs at the baseball diamond?  will they use each other to lie about what they are really doing when we call each other's parents?  will they post their toddler playdate photos on their facebook equivalent?  so many things that make me laugh to think about...

hanna panda you are a star
i adore you and your little family
may you have a little brother very soon

check out this incredible 
Langemann Family Portrait


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