eyes aflame

yes i know, it's 12:23am and i should most definitely be sleeping!  moses had no nap today so he went down quite easily around 9:30pm and chloe fell asleep about an hour ago...  my cousin came over and installed a new hardrive into our computer this evening so our computer is JUST up and running as of 15 minutes ago.  however, it is temporarily living on our kitchen counter (yes with all the other craptastic clutter...) while we repaint the computer room.  thinking of a similar light shade as our main living/dining room space except in a different colour...  i love our "light opal" colour bc it is so relaxing and pleasant to the eye.  it is white without being white.  it appears blue but it is actually a shade of green which is supposed to be more relaxing.  i'm thinking for the computer room going a little more grey/purple in colour...  i really would like an offshite LOL i mean offwhite since the room is tiny tiny tiny 5 x 8.  i have wandered off course here, my apologies.


i need to update on chloe's poor little face.  it seems as though her "acne" has morphed into what appears to be a rash or eczema but i am unsure.  i took some photos today and will upload them tomorrow... 

(insert photos here)

i have tried breastmilk (since it worked miracles in clearing her gunky eye a few weeks back) and today i tried the infant eczema cream.  basically the acne has turned less pimply and is more red and swollen BUT the past couple of days the surface has become excessively dryand flaky atop the redness.  it is actually crusting over and the skin flakes are yellow.  it is very gross and very saddening.  i long to kiss and snuggle against her chubba chubba cheeks but they are so sandpapery and i don't want to cause any further irritation!  i've also tried baby oil a few times as it has worked wonderfully on her mild cradle cap which seems quite similar to what is going on on her face.  i dn't know.  i'm not a doctor.

caela came over today and made these super awesome Elmos!  i will post tomorrow

(insert photos here)

my highschool girlfriend jenice also bussed out from snazzy downtown to visit and meet Chloe for the first time.  kev made a delish dinner for everyone.  god i wish i had his patience and talent and passion for cooking. 

also next time i would like to blog in more detail about how much i love the new dwell issue.  it has reminded me of my roots of how vintage shopping/amazing finds are so awesome and more importantly today, how it is better to recycle these existing goods by incorporating them into your life/home in a creative way rather than going out and purchasing brand new items for their "newness".  i would really like to return to this way of life, take it on as a challenge to my creativity.  i love that feeling of finding a great and perfect find and the satisfaction of not having gone to the hardware/furniture store to buy it in the well-organized aisle.  it is like finding a match made in heaven, like it was MEANT TO BE.



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