goodness gracious

hooray!  first layer of paint is up in the den room! we went for a walk this morning because it was so nice and sunny although pretty chilly.  we walked up to winskill park and played a while, then picked up our den paint and some sandwich fixings for lunch.

as mentioned in the previous post today, Moses did not nap >:(  i have a feeling he might be coming to the end of his naps which totally sucks because i won't get peace and quiet, however i am hoping we will get the benefit of an earlier and easier bedtime.

the Mcleod clan came down for another pleasurable commnal dinner of shepherds pie and cheesie cauliflower puree with some red wine.  the boys sweated up a storm between instances of hitting and kissing/hugging one another better, climbing and chasing with the dads and learning how to share.

i've got a busy week ahead! yay!!!!  Renee is finally back from the island and will be coming over tomorrow morning to visit the babes and take Momo swimming!
Tuesday and Thursday are open for Taryn/Bronwen/Cait and Em
Thursday having a visit from the Placeks
Friday probably seeing Ainge again and going out for dineout at ORU!

i'm excited to get things done and organized in the house!  on our walk we grabbed some fantastic finds!  a set of 4 mid-century teak chairs (to be reupholstered) and a black and orange metal shelf, all for $10!

darnit.  my camera is not uploading photos  >:(


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