in between

either other people are sympthizing in recognition of their own addiction to the www or people think that i have an internet addiction and are surprised i haven't offed myself yet and are trying to prevent such an event by offering me their "extra" computer.  my next door neighbor just lent me her extra laptop until mine is back and i was offered another laptop from my gf caela last night who will be visiting tomorrow.  so the computer update is that my current hardrive is hanging by a thread and whenever my cousin tries to transfer my info the hardrive heats up to the point of shutting down and as a result he has resorted to putting my hardrive in the freezer everynight to cool it down for another try.  considering this process is intensely painful and slow my info will probably take a good 3 weeks to recover.  in the meantime, my cousin is going to come by tomorrow evening to install a new hardrive into my computer so i can have access.  I WILL JUST DIE IF MY PHOTOS AND FREELANCE WORK DO NOT GET RECOVERED I WILL DIE DIE DIE DIE.

why does the cleaning never end?  i just want to give up!  i feel like i am takingg crazy pills cleaning the same damn things over and over and OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!!  i do my best to do dishes immediately after eating and yet there are still dishes in the sink and counter.  and there is always SO MUCH CLUTTER on the counter i don't know how to stop it!  it's like weeds taking over the front yard!  yes, i understand that maintenance and preventative measures need to be put in place but i can't!  remnants of daily mail, plus my temporary paper "ical", plus wallets/keys, and why is there always a permanent pile of "crap" to giveaway?!?!?!!!  so many "TO DO" piles on the kitchen table.  and i am not even going to address the TOYS issue because it is completely ludicrous to think it will ever reach a level of being anything close to decent.  what if i just threw out all the toys?  what would moses do?  probably drive me crazy directly rather than indirectly through his mess that sneaks beyond the living room premises and into the kitchen, bathrooms, my bedrom including on the bed and around the bedframe causing a constant hazard.

has had me permanently hooked on Greek Yogurt and eating Carrots with Hummus.  she brought these foods to the hospital when Coco was born and i haven't stopped eating them.  i am a master hummus maker and i have finally managed to hook moses onto it as well which i am super stoked about as it is a good meatless source of protein.  we have been eating more meat in the past few months which makes me feel gross, especially with the post-partum death farts being dropped at a ridiculously high frequency.  between me and chloe, i'm surprised the walls aren't melting from the stench hur hur hur...  gross, sorry.  as per the greek yogurt, kevin is also obsessed with it and has been purchasing all the brands to taste test them all.  THEY ARE SO GOOD!!!!  i think we are going to head to Whole Foods tonight as it is tuesday and they have their TWO FOR ONE pizza as well as the Terra Breads granola that Renee also has me hooked on. 

this has been an especially boring post but i can't tell you how good my hands and fingers feels right now to be using a normal keyboard.  oooo!!!  going to see if i can load some photos!


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