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UGH Moses I LOVE YOU but WHY oh WHY does it take a grueling 3 hours to put you to bed everynight?????  we give him a mini bottle of formula or chamomile tea to "get him in the mood" and then follow that up shortly with bathtime followed by storytime.  he JUST fell asleep about 10 minutes ago, just after 11pm.  HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?  well i will admit that we are just exhausted as hell at the end of the day you really just don't have the energy for anything after dinner time and dinner time clean up...  i will also admit that it doesn't help that young momma here does NOT cook dinner.  1) i hate cooking  2) i suck in comparison so why should we all suffer when papa bear ENJOYS cooking and CARES about cooking?  this means dinner happens after papa gets home around 530pm which means we are done eating around 630-7pm.  PERHAPS if i had the energy after making food and cleaning up breakky and lunchie i would consider attempting dinner... PERHAPS but not likely.


chloe.  little angelface beautiful generic white baby that doesn't look like either of her parents and therefor makes me feel minorly paranoid that maybe she isn't my baby (LOLZ).  she has lost all her newborn downy furs which makes me sad.  her face is clear and pillowysoft.  she had downiness on her face and her shoulders and back it was so sweet and lovely and now it has shluffied off into time time time.  her face has radically changed.  i constantly (not by choice but by feeding schedules) try to remember these times and what she looks like but i know i try in vain because i can't remember at all at all what it was like with Moses when he was a newbie.

it is weird being a "new mom" again...  it is weird when i think of it in terms of where we lived and what season and how it is the same or similar experience but in an entirely different TIME and situation.  Moses was that blazing hot summer in our tiny little bachelor in Vancouver.  we ate out on the patio basically the entire summer.  we had the hammock out where kevin would swing in the evenings with Moses swaddled in his lap...

it was a different time and place...  Now Moses is 19 going on 20 months.  i can't figure out the inbetween time from his birth and chloe's birth.  how did we get from there to here?  where did all that time go?  what happened??

yesterday was a hard day.  the sleep was not very good.  i went out to richmond AGAIN to deal with some banking and jumped over to the mall to buy this Japanese Cherry Blossom soap from Bath and Body that kev's nana has that i am obsessed with.  they were on sale 3 for $10 how could i possibly say no???  plus i have been hmm and hawing for months and months about getting new handsoap...  and then i didn't get a nap.  i had a shortlived period of rocking in my (or rather Michelle's borrowed...) rocking chair with chamomile tea, my new candle (yes i bought two candles as well...), Marie-Antoinette and chloe sleeping in my arms.  i thought it was a very ideal thing to do but i probably should stop trying to be ideal and just use any spare moments to sleep...  THAT BEING SAID I HAD A VERY NICE NAP THIS AFTERNOON!

lauren took the day off and met me and the kiddos for lunch at MAGURO.  we were a bit early so we dropped by to visit kev quick.  i dropped him off at the Thrift Store where i spotted a great dresser and demanded he buy it.  our bedroom is on the otherside of this wall and we have a skinny upright ikea MALM dresser that looks ridiculous on the lengthy wall.  EXCITED!


anyway LUNCH was deeeeelish as usual.  Chloe was a friggin doll and slept the ENTIRE time.  Moses was amazing and ate so much of his food and didn't throw any fits.  he's getting better and better with Japanese food each time we eat there HOORAY FOR  EARLY EXPOSURE!  aaaaaanndd lauren made my life by NOT having oats available to make me the apple crisp she had in mind and had to resort to making me an entire pumpkin dulce de leche loaf

yup, already half gone...

i can not tell you how moist and rich and unbelievable delicious this tastes
lauren this needs to be added on your bakery menu as a MMMmmmmust

i rearranged stuff in the house today which made me happy.
i'm so tired i'm going to die tonight i know it. 
it's 11:55pm and i hate myself for staying up to post but i'm crazy.

tomorrow will be good.  caela is back from i-can't-remember-where USA
and is coming over tomorrow morning to visit!  we will probs go to White Spot
for lunch and use my GC's and the coupons we just got in the mail.


  1. Well, you look gorgeous as well as tired.
    Love the photo of the hammock <3
    And that dresser?! AMAZING! It looks teak!

  2. awww mommaaaa!!!!!
    i'm back! i'm here!
    i wanna see chloe ASAP!
    i'm here to help you and see chloe and play with moses and let you take naps.
    anndddd i wanna have some more waffles.
    you like maguro in ladner? i've never been!
    cya soon!


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