Let's try this...

Ok so keV went out to run a few errands. He put coco to sleep while I "put Moses to sleep" aka I passed out on the floor before he probably passed out. I woke up in a cozy drool puddle and got up to eat some lasagna until coco started crying mid-meal BAH!! I put her in the swinger with a soother to keek her from crying and wolfed down my food on the floor beside her so I would be able to reinsert dropped soother. I was about to breastfriend feed her at the comp but figured why not attempt blogging in bed instead...

-comfy cozy and warm
-coco more likely to fall asleep in my bed after feeding
-I can pass out with her afterwards
-typing on the damn itouch is the most irritating task in the entire universe
-no access to comp files

wow. That took forever to write this much uuuugggghhh!!!!

Moving on

1.) newborns are easier than toddlers. I have had this convo with a few of you already. Maybe others had told me this in the early Moses days and I apologize for ignoring your words of wisdom. Truly despite the convenient inconvenience of bf-ing you can still get so much more done and you are less mentally and emotionally traumatized atthe end of the day. Sure your toddler can walk but that doesn't mean they will obediently follow you and NOT crumple to the floor in a fit of hot tears for all the world to then judge you as you scoop up the wailing epileptic seizure that is your child. The newborns needs although demanding in frequency are simple needs and they are easy to meet. They are more than happy to eat themselves into a drunken stupor instead of throwing food on the floor. They stay relatively still through diaper changes and even if the wriggle around they do not have the muscular strength of a toddler who will defiantly use every UFC/WWF/Martial Artsission Impossible move to keep you from putting on that fresh comfy diaper. The end. Moses I do still love you.

I don't remember what else I was going to write about and this itouch keyboard is making me see red so I'm going to stop here and reconsider future posts in bed.


  1. hahaha oh god i could never write anything more than a text msg on my iphone, this must have taken ages! No laptop huh? (i guess obviously not or else you wouldn't be typing this much on an ianything)

    Also just noticed your gang of four banner picture! ADORABLE!!

    I can't wait to see those new family pictures!


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