Momsolo Day 1

day 1 in a nutshell in an email to my sister:

One man show in tow.  I can't believe I'm domng it but it's only one day we will see how j am on Friday . Coco slept on and off during the night and Moses came to our room I think three times. She slept for a bit when he woke so I was able to do my face and make breakfast. Went to the mall for an hour which was ok. I wore her and she slept and pushed Moses around in those car strollers then came home for lunch . Just managed somehow to pass out with Chloe beside Moses bed so he would sleep and stop running in andbout ofbjis room now I am in bed on itouch Chloe skewing on my chest I feel crazy 

LOL i just reread this with all of the wonderful typos that come along with typing on that damn itouch.

i made it!  the nights are blurs but they are familiar blurs.  finding blankets and/or pillows in Moses' room the following morning have become normal indicators of kevin bringing Moses back to his bed in the middle of the night if he is kicking us too much.  Moses woke up a handful of times and I awoke around 8am sandwiched in between him and Coco.  i am thankful that even though she wakes on an off for mini-feeds between 6-8am that she will then sleep for another hour or two giving me time to take care of Moses.

i decided to brave it out and challenge myself to taking them to the mall so i could try to find some leftover boxing day deals.  kev made a vat of spag/lasagna sauce over the weekend so i quickly made some spaghettini before leaving to quickly pop in the microwave for when we got back.  THINKING AHEAD!

tried to find some gloves for mo with no luck.  they had some on sale for $10 at Mexx which was balls, not to mention they didn't have thumbs so they were basically mitt-cuffs...  Old Navy had none but I did manage to pick up a bunch more socks for him PLUS two jeans and a pair of pants for Coco all under $5!

we'll see how the rest of the week goes... i'm having a few visitors as well as constant offers from the wonderful moms in my building so i definitely have the support system if needed.  

going to have some hot chocolate and apple pie...


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