my apologies for my previous post, it was especially appalling re-reading it and realizing how far gone my brain was at such a late hour.

today was FANTASTIC.  had a great amazing sleep!  seriously!!!  i'm pretty sure they both slept for an extensive period of time and did not wake on another.  coco allowed me to have brekkie with the mo and before i knew it, 10-30 came and caela arrived for a 6 hour visit!  we hung out for a little before walking into town for White Spot lunch and somehow by the time we returned it was 2pm and time to start the napping process which went surprisingly better aka shorter than usual.  coco and moses BOTH slept for two hours allowing me and caela to giggle and go nuts doing a bunch of her wedding planning!

it was so nice to see her having not seen her since the summer.  she got grest gifts for coco and picked up a matching set of gloves and a toque for moses :)

mo slept from 3:30-6pm at which point the four of us headed up to have a dinner and playdate with Michelle and Ethan :)  it was a lovely and delicious potluck of spinach salad, garlic bread and pasta with kev's yummy pasta sauce chockful of hidden veggies for the kids.  the boys had a gay old time together chasing one another laughing and sweating until the downstairs crankster came up to complain about our "bowling party"...

thiss weekend:
-trizie baby shower
-visit from ainge sasha and sally
-home decor!


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