to blog list

1. need to get a haircut.  yes, my hair has grown out enough that i am contemplating getting bangs again which is always the case, it's a viscious circle of the grass is greener with or without bangs. 

2. my sister is coming in may to throw moses his Terrible Two birthday party.  STOKED.


4. just made final decision on shade of white to paint the art/computer room.  the death of our hardrive provided the perfect opportunity for us to clear out the room and prep it for a new paint job.  the nuclear fluorescent green was very unhealthy; i mean it worked with the amount of furniture it had previously during its time as Momo's bedroom but as an empty box with one large table, the green was far too overwhelming. 

we may even have decided on the paint colours for our bedroom which we will tackle probably sometime later in the spring/summer

5.  really want to buy a letterpress...

6. eff you Vera Wang for doing a line for David's Bridal AFTER i got married...  ok ok i'm not that angry because i'm sure the quality is subpar in comparison to true Wang and they probably have fab photographers, BUT STILL!  these dresses are gorgeous...


CoCo update
*started tummy time this week and she is totally into it far more than momo was
super strong neck, she flings herself from my shoulder which freaks me out

*brought her into the doctor yesterday to check up on her baby acne which looked as if it had turned into eczema; turns out it IS in fact still baby acne which apparently is common and peaks from about week 4-6 which is exactly where she is at the moment.  it is definitely settling down whether due to the timeline or the application of infant eczema cream.  either way i'm happy it's beginning to fade.

*where momo was a super observant baby, she is a goof and i love it

*time IS flying, taryn!  these babies grow too fast

mOmO update

*sigh... this has been a hard week with moses adapting to chloe.  he has most definitely developed a heightened awareness of the amount of time that is divided between them, the majority of attention obviously being given to chloe.  he has become more rough with her which is upsetting but fortunately it is more of a momentary reaction rather than a general disdain for her presence as he is still loving towards her and includes her name on the MAMA/DADA list that he repeats before going to sleep.  when i am about to gently lay her down to change diapers, moses will lie down on her mat and not move away until i exercise force at which point he will 

a) stand facing her side and dig his feet under her back

b) lie down beside her and kick his legs while looking away as if looking away shows he is unaware that his legs just happen to be hitting her as he kicks.  this particular habit makes me extremely upset because at the same time that i feel he is not old enough to properly deal with feeling less important, he is showing maturity in his idea of kicking her while looking in the opposite direction which is just very cruel in my mind.

as a result, i am feeling very frustrated and guilty and totally unarmed with the tools to deal with this.  i have been making exhausted efforts to spend quality time playing with moses now that my body is no longer hindered by pregnancy to provide him with the attention he still needs, to show him he is still important and loved.  it is an exceedingly challenging task exerting the little energy i have to play with him without the added stress of "when will chloe wake up and interrupt this playtime and what is the most kind and less obvious way to get up and tend to her without leaving moses in the dust?"  this happened the other day and moses' reaction was to cry after me, race me to chloe's side and shove his fingers in her tiny crying mouth!  

it is such a touchy situation and i hate it.  it makes me feel so much anger towards him for hurting her; it challenges my patience and understanding to remember this is a rough time for him as well; it makes me feel sad and guilty to have to put him through this adjustment and even more guilty when he goes too far and i end up physically pushing him away out of fear for chloe's well-being.  this is not forever.  this will pass.

*on the flip side, his language continues to progress!  he is FINALLY beginning to adopt two word phrases "more _______" or "__________, please".  he is asking "pay" (play) on a daily basis...  he is crying in his doorway right now which is making it very hard for me to concentrate and think of any other successes he's had throughout this week.  it's been an unsucessful 2 hours since we put him to bed and the Mcleod's (michellen jason and Ethan) are going to be coming down for another communal dinner.  >_< arrrrrrgggghhH!!!!!



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