i forgot to mention in previous post of AWESOME THINGS that we got a Wii!  our friends are moving over to London and were purging all their excess items and we got their wii for half the going price AND just for playing "BUY OUR THINGS!" they threw in their crepe maker for free.99!

i am in love with my son...

Moses the Ham

finalement!  wearing the FOX sweater we bought when he was a bebebebebe

...and my two wallflowers

a few awesome photos from our friday night playdate with Michelle Jason and Mr Ethan


T H E   B L O C K E D   D U C T

i am feeling phenomenally better 24hours later.
yesterday evening and night chloe was cluster feeding like a milk fiend.
she must be going through a growth spurt.
it also just so happened that i developed a blocked milk duct the previous night (or two nights...) and that certainly made matters all the worse as my right boob was in agonizing amounts of pain.  the initial latch was a real literal tear-jerker-teeth-gnasher-shoulder-raiser and as she would continue to feed i was able to gradually dry my eyes, unclench my jaw and lower my hunched shoulders.

she was feeding all the way up until midnight or 1am?
she finally did some sleeping at which point i came out to computer land with some hot tea and a heating pad and made a pathetic attempt to express into a bottle so that she could still get breastmilk but not from my aching boob and stinging nipple.  i say pathetic attempt because i wasn't even able to express enough to cover the base of the bottle.  SHE SUCKED ME DRY!   (that sounds horribly wrong...)  

i have to say as uncomfortable as it was, it has been a thousand times better than the first time it happened with Moses.  i had an entire duct fill and raise the surface of my skin so that you could see what looked like a massive pulsating vein and i ended up sterilizing a needle in order to pull out the plugged area.

it's been sore all day but AS OF THIS VERY MOMENT i can finally say that my boob feels pretty damn good.  PHEWWWWW.


in other news, many of you should be getting these in the mail!

our 2011 family portrait courtesy of Taryn & Syx Langemann

coco's birth announcement
i'm sure nobody cares or possibly even realized this discrepancy
but i am very frustrated with myself for being a poor editor


  1. awwwwww, I noticed the AM immediately, on my first read.
    I'll handle editing for you from now on if you like. :)

  2. I tried to comment as: www.katelynnknowitallflanagan.cunt
    but it wouldn't verify it for me.

  3. Haha, I noticed it too. I pointed it out to Michael and he didn't believe me: "I think Phanie would know, Bronwen."

    I got your package yesterday and it made me so happy!


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