discipline... and my boring life as a mom

i hate swimming but everyone keeps telling me that's the way to lose weight.  i stole my bro's skip rope but it's been 4 days since i stole it and i have yet to use it.  since then i have eaten a total of at least 7 cookies, a raspberry blackout cupcake, ice cream, a chocolate biscotti, a pack of 3 Reese's Pieces and who knows what else.  I AM HAVING DESSERT MELTDOWN.  noooo mooooore DESSERT!!!!  no more cookies, no more cupcakes, no more no more no more!!!!

i've had an up and down past few days.  tuesday i was at Shoppers frantically trying to choose between 6 different bottles to try on chloe - she doesn't like the ones we have... even though she did take them in the first 2 weeks we tried them on her... clearly i should have continued to switch back and forth so she would learn to take both instead of just boobing her but i guess i was just so happy not to have to supplement her... - while moses was whining "uggggggggghhhh... uuuuuuuuuughhhhh.... uggggggggggghhhh" when my doctor's office called me asking me about my "11am appt".  i almost lost my mind.  my cell alarm had gone off the previous day telling me my appt was supposed to be at 3pm and i spent the entire day hating myself and wondering why the hell i would have booked an appt at 3pm right in the middle of moses' naptime not to mention inviting KLF over to babysit while i ran to my appt.  as it happened, the appt was at 11am and not only was it for coco's 2 month appt and vaccinations but my 2 month check up and pap test as well!!!  ARGH!  and it was with DR SU and not a replacement doctor!!!

i was livid.  i've been freaking out on and off about coco and her skin.  her face goes in and out even with the medication but she has also been having random episodes of blotchy skin all over her body.  now i had to wait until the following thursday at stupid 3pm again to book with MY doctor.

as it turned out, i had a lovely afternoon with KLF helping her out with her wedding planning course project.  that same evening coco had her 3rd episode of projectile vomit.  it isn't spit up.  it isn't even exceptionally large spit up.  it is literally 2 foot projectile vomit that has been happening in these last days of her cold.

wednesday, yesterday, i met up with ainge and josette to discuss our 10 year reunion.  it was a very pleasant get together.  chloe had an episode of vomitting again, a smaller one but still significantly large.  she woke up in the middle of the night and i stayed up for about an hour and a half feeding and burping her back and forth until i was exhausted and placed her on kevin's pillow to deal with.  he picked her up to rock her to sleep and she projectiled all over him, causing him to flick on the lights on my bleeding eyes so that we could undress our freshly puke covered duvet cover.  distressed by these puking episodes i called the nurse line that was hardly any help.  we hmmm and hawed over whether or not to bother driving her all the way to Children's at 530am and decided against it since we would probably be told she is fine and to just monitor her after a 2 hour wait...

today was wonderful.  moses was distressed and crying unable to access our closed bedroom door so i had to drag my ass outta bed with an unsettled chloe to lie on the couch and keep moses company in the living room.  thank god chloe slept.  minutes later i received a phonecall from sweet heaven aka Michelle saying her 9 days of hell were over and she was taking a personal day and wondered if we would like to spend it together.  SO THAT'S WHAT WE DID.

we went for a cold as hell walk into town and let the boys play at the McD's indoor playground to burn some energy.  michelle took moses home and Ethan went down for his nap.  i cleaned up at home for a bit, watching Ellen in the background before heading up to Michelle's with lunch.  we spent the whole afternoon at her place, Moses amazingly went down for a nap shortly after Ethan awoke from his.  i am so thankful to have such a great mom in my life who is so generous and understanding of how challenging it is to be a mom.  she truly made my day :)

from Michelle's, we scooped up kevin and had a lovely dinner at my cousin's place in Van with her beau (this is where 3 of the cookies and 1 cupcake occurred...).  such a nice and well deserved day of relaxation and company.  we dropped Moses off at my mom's as i am headed out to west van tomorrow with ainge to do the auction art piece!


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