hopeful monday

gorgeous eyes!

i wish every morning could be like this.  went to bed in new bedsheets, had minimal feedings and therefor a good sleep!  even with a couple of feedings, i'm well and awake enough to be out of bed with FREE UNINTERRUPTED time to spare to do some blogging!!!  kev is getting ready for work and the babes are amazingly sleeping soundly.  this is either a good sign that today will continue to run smoothly orrrrr the calm before the storm!  we'll see...

i'm feeling so good this morning.  considering we had my bro james and ada and my cuz lauren over for dinner last night, i stepped out of the bedroom to find the fireplace glowing and a relatively clean house!  how did this happen???  maybe it's better not to ask but to just say thank you.

bison with green beans, cauliflower puree

lauren brought over some cookies for dessert and an AMAZING 3 cheese and herb bread!  she even braided it to make it look all purdy and professional :)  too bad i was too busy shoving it into my mouth to take a photo.

me and sick moses watching ELLEN

last week was balls since the kids were both sick;  no visitations!  just the three of us stuck with each other the entire day.  moses was more grumpy and kept coughing himself awake which made naptime hell.  chloe was in a similar boat because she couldn't breathe properly.  i spent the week using nasal drops and the aspirator to try to clear it up on top of also having to up her skin medication to 3 applications a day from 2.  it worked immediately so i went down to 2 applications since topical steroids thin the skin, but it became apparent that 2 was not enough as she would still have dryness and minor redness.  sigh.  poor coco!

it was a busy end of the week and weekend.  i had a dr appt on thurs so kev took the morning off to help me but ended up being able to take off the whole day since work was slow.  he built me a portable screenprinting frame for the project i am doing with Ashley's school fundraiser.  i am helping them to create an artpiece to which every child contributes in some manner, then the piece is auctioned.  meanwhile, i get paid and of course all expenses are covered :)  we picked up momo's mattress later that evening and dropped him off at my mom's for some quality momo+lola times.

sat ashley came over and after an amazing lunch from Red Tuna, we spent the afternoon working out the bugs with a trial session of screenprinting.  the first hour was frustrating because i couldn't figure out why such a simple stencil screen was NOT working! but after spraying the screen with water to wipe off the ink, i realized the screen needed moisture to keep it from drying and from then on it was smooth sailing.  we celebrated kev's dad's birthday that evening for our weekly rawlins cres saturday night dinner.  moses is still beating the crap out of andie and i feel horrible because as much as andie's parents understand moses is going through the terrible two's, they of course do not want their daughter being beat on every 10 minutes!  :(  poor andie.

momo on his new bed

and last but not least
here is a card i made for my auntie ping that i gave her yesterday at dim sum

really want to make some for the kids room
(photo from a girlfriend's bedroom)


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