my aritzia spring/summer faves

really love the loose open tanks and comfy sporty/sweat pant style

in love with these shorts!
highwaist! colour! pattern!

can't decide if i actually love this outfit or if the model is just working it super well


this would make such a sweet private school girl uniform
this bitch is probably super good at ballet and piano...

this is a little too contrived... as in i like all aspects, all aspects work well together,
but i don't like them together... looks too textbook.
i really super wish i didn't have massive jugs so that i could cash in on
the bustier tank tops.
actually, i just think it's the hat needs to go
plus this girl looks like ashley simpson... ew

this one is also a little too perfectly put together that it becomes boring.
as much as my first reaction has been to hate these new super rad plaid shirts
they admittedly do a great job of adding colour to neutral schemes aka my closet.  
i think they offend me bc it reminds me of all the kids bringing back the 90's but in
a "super rad!" kind of way that is totally more pretentious than stylish.
i miss my value village letterman jacket


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