new things

2 things i am trying to discipline myself into doing
1. FIXING OUR BED.  it makes a phenomenal difference visually and emotionally.  since the bed is the main focus of the room, having it made creates a much calmer and clean atmosphere which in turn gives me a (false) sense of accomplishment and contentment.

2. BRUSH MOSES' TEETH. i know... half of your are groaning at me while the other half are groaning WITH me hahaha.  i absolutely hate doing it!  i should have done it waaaaay back because by the time i started he did not like me doing it.  for months now i just give him the toothbrush and let him just chew on it while watching me brush, hoping that he will eventually get the idea and try to immitate me.  WELL, now i have less of an excuse to push the teethbrushing, because lately i have had him stand on the toilet so he can see himself in the mirror, and after he fiddles a bit i will then take the toothbrush and he lets me brush for him if only for a limited time BUT TIME NONETHELESS!!!  i hate brushing his teeth. groan groan groan...

SO!  we tested the paints on our bedroom walls and i am happy to report that i am SUPER pleased with the results!  this is the photo i was going from:

the top right with the deer

initially we were going to go ALL white with a lighter grey featured on the back wall, emulating the concrete look.  we decided against try to actually use concrete... i mean who are we kidding here?  as if we actually have time for that amount of labour!  my sister sent me this photo of both a light and grey feature wall and we both agreed that the dark looks far more visually interesting with the high contrast of dark and white.  very crisp and clean looking.  this photo is what i think about whenever i make the bed.

we picked up these two numbers in the past week at the thrift shop. $10 for the two chairs and $10 for the dresser!

check out the horrid print on this!  obviously up for upholstering!
these two chairs are in prime condition, the fabric is gently worn with some grey staining but the cushions themselves have next to zero sign that they have ever been sat on.
now... what colour and fabric?!

the handles are incredible!  we tried to search out the brand and with some difficulty found they originated from Quebec!  the middle and right drawers are actually ONE long drawer.
need to decide whether to keep this original finish or to repaint it to match the kids' room.
(like this one better than the one we picked up months ago that still needs work)


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