i took a couple hours to myself today.  it was kevin's first time alone with both the kids.  i hit up westcoastkids to order the mattress for the bunk bed since moses has been practicing climbing up and down the bunk ladder.  thankfully they have it in stock so we don't have to wait, we just need to borrow kev's parents' van!

superstore was next to get their BUY ONE ($9.99) GET ONE FOR $1 on anti-bacterial pillows!  momo has taken to sleeping with pillows and will be moving into the bunk soon so this deal came with good timing.  i was of course lured into the kids section and picked up some sweet deals!

photos from friday with caela


taryn and i are going to start up a TODDLER ARTS AND CRAFTS class
at the Mount Pleasant Community Centre!
Taryn already proposed the idea and the centre is interested and willing to pay us 


  1. That's so exciting about the arts and crafts class!!! I hope there will be pictures! I want to see what you guys will make :)

    Omg I can't help but look at the kids section at superstore so.cute. I have to resist buying anything for my hypothetical baby.

    Happy Valentines <3!


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