the weekend

DINE OUT was deeeeeeelish!

coco dressed to the nines hahaha

at ORU

LFA 2001 wut!

the boys

the sablefish 

the calamari

the horrible photo taken by kevin of the lamb and risotto

vietnamese coffee panacotta

momo's mango gelato

the chocolate pudding

downstairs in the lounge KEVIN!



saturday morning treat: chocolate french toast YUM!

sunday best


  1. awwww adorable! ORU? it looked soo good.
    i went to sanafir with a friend yesterday nite for DINE OUT. i had prawns, coho salmon and a brownie. yummmmmaaa. then went to the opera. too bad dine out is done na. i wanna go again!

    cya this week! xoxo.

  2. yeah we should go together next year! let me know when you are free this week :)

  3. Mose is seriously lookign so handsome these days.. it's unreal!


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