aggga agga agga


today has been up up up and down down down and up and down and up and down.  coco slept so well waking only once and then again around 7-730 when mo woke up and k was getting ready for work.  i was out of bed an hour early but i was awake enough having had a pretty nice sleep.

we had plans to hang out with saara but i bailed because it was frustrating trying to figure out what to do with different schedules.  this was annoying but it turned out to be a good thing because i ended up cowering and going to the rec centre for Roaming Rascals with Cait and Ty.  IT . WAS . AWESOME.  i had kept away for this past year that we had been living in Tsawwassen for fear of germy germs but they do tell you to come back if your kid(s) feels under the weather so they don't get other kids sick.  momo loved it!  it is similar to the Kindergym offered at Taryn's Mount Pleasant rec centre, but they have more than just the gym equipment.  they offer a section for eating, a section with those city/road carpets to play cars on, a section with up and down gymnastic slopes and the back section with a dozen variety of cars for the kids to ride around on.  there is so much to play with that the kids don't even feel the need to fight as their short attention spans keep them playing from one thing to another every 10 seconds.  it's a $3 drop in and it's a great place to meet new friends from town.

we came home for a quick bite which was a little quicker than usual... with time to spare and having anxiety of having to piddle around with bored babies for another hour before nap time, we made a brief visit with kevin at the park behind his work.  the second moses spotted kevin out the window he yelled "HI DADA!!!!!" over and over it was soooo cute :)  i had a mo break and time to recharge.  i was melting on the drive home, asking moses if he had fun with dada and if he loved dada.  i asked him to say "I LOVE DADA" not expecting him to do it but he totally busted out "AIEEE LA DADA".  so of course i had to make him say "AIEE LA MAMA" lol.  *melting*  we got home and moses went straight to bed no problem and coco past out at the boob and i now have time to myself :)

super stoked for dinner tonight!  going out to try out an Indian restaurant in Burnaby with James & Ada, Ashley, Ainge and maybe Lauren & Andrew!


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