bang! bang!

halfies st paddy's day!

ok.  i am committing myself back to bangs towns...

vancouver model crystal zhao
(aritzia shoot)

i love nicole richie
she has cleaned up so well from her old crazy bitch days
i love her style and i love seeing her as a momma
i almost named coco harlow... such a great name

we went to H&M last night to buy some birthday presents and i was dying
looking through all the great stuff they currently have in-store.  so many dresses
and tops just taunting my empty wallet.  i think i'll go back once i get paid from
ashley's art auction.  

i love H&M for all their kids clothing.  they always have so much great
stuff for amazing prices...  Joe Fresh is always great but i find H&M has 
even better prices on a handful of items like their $6 graphic tees section.
if i am unable to afford or fit properly into their clothes, at least i am always
gauranteed to find a bunch of awesome stuff for the kids and not feel guilty
when coughing up the cashola.


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