i've been feeling crazy lately.  i don't know if it's the lack of sleep and feeling like i am constantly in  between wake and sleep...  i'm feeling nostalgic.  i have a deep longing for something.  i don't know what it is.  i feel surrounded.  i feel so restrained and need to break free, spontaneously combust and keep running and running until i'm choking on oxygen.  i feel like i'm writing bad teenaged poetry here...  

i feel like i could be on the verge of doing something really great.  now or never.  but i'm just sitting here like any afternoon blogging about my boring life.
i feel like reconnecting with my past.  but i know it's a bad idea.

i have been invited to partake in the Vancouver's ONE OF A KIND craft and artisan show this coming december.  this show also takes place in Toronto, New York and Chicago.  i was surprised to receive an email.  i was surprised someone saw my stuff and found it worthy to be in such a show...  i am having mixed feelings based on the fact that their tables cost $1000-$3000!  i guess this is a show where vendors do not undervalue their work? hahaha  they have a "rising star" section for first time vendors which puts the cost down to $450... BUT for a tiny 3 x 3' square space.  the application also requires you to send in photos of your work as well as booth design set up BY MAY 4th.  i replied to the email saying i didn't think i had the time and energy to get that together by so soon a deadline.  well i could, but it would be a half-assed portfolio...  sigh

i don't know what i am doing or feeling these days


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