my little gulab jamuns

coco's cutie pie outfit for her passport photo i had hoped for...

moses' new favourite thing is to remove all the cusions from the couch...

...and draw with orange Crayolas all over the cushion!

Pad Thai

mon petit chou

this photo reminds me of photos of me and my brother

moses pounding back the appajooce protecting coco LOL


COCO: don't you dare touch me momo!


  1. oh my gosh. you have the cutest babies. i love all these photos!

    you have an older brother? cute

  2. baby baby baby. momo and coco what other names could be more perfect than that? missed you this weeekkk! we'll try for next week yah?
    ps- i FINALLY put up my mirror on my wall above my couch and i luvvv it. it works perfectly with my decor. xoxo.


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